Who is Jungkoook’s brother, Jeon Jung Hyun?

jungkook brother Jeon Jung Hyun

The world-famous boy band BTS, really keeps their private life very personal. There isn’t much public information about any of the family members. I think it’s best to keep it that way in order to ensure their family’s safety.

Even though some fans or saesangs have gone out of their way to find information about the member’s family which is wrong in so many ways, we still can’t control, that illegal information spreading on the internet.

But there have been many times where the members family come out themselves to express their love and admiration for their sons who have made a huge name for themselves. And today we will discuss Jungkook’s brother Jeon Jung Hyun. Jung Hyun is the same age as bts members RM and Jhope which means he is older than the golden maknae.

There isn’t much information about his private life but armys know that he is a very good artist. It is a known fact that the whole Jeon family has a creative artistic side. Not only do we know him as being an amazing artist but also a huge army.

Jung Hyun has expressed time and again that he really loves bts music as a fan. In his Instagram account, he used to share fan arts and memes that he made of the members. One of the finest ARMY is Jeon Junghyun, who has drawn a variety of BTS fan art, including when the group was included in Billboard’s top music chart.

Junhyung was active on Instagram and Youtube. This account was deactivated when one of Jungkook’s photographs from his personal Instagram page was leaked, which led to a flurry of speculation.

However, in the year 2021, Jeon Junghyun made the decision to return to Instagram and shared a photo of himself with his younger brother.

He started a new Twitter account called @je0n92o and used it to publish primarily his own drawings and animations. Unfortunately, he also deactivated the account without providing any explanation.

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