Just before Sung Woo fainting at “ENHYPEN” airport, Jon Wong, Jake, and Sung Hoon fell!

A member of “ENHYPEN” was about to have a big accident at the airport.

“ENHYPEN” members arrived at Gimpo International Airport after finishing the schedule on Jeju Island, South Korea on the afternoon of September 26th. However, a large number of fans rushed to the airport, and some members went to the point of fainting, while others were pushed by the fans and collapsed. Some members cried because it was too terrible.


The 7-member boy group “ENHYPEN (Niki, Jay, Jake, Yang Jon Wong, Lee Hisung, Park Sung Hoon) was born on the collaborative idol survival program” Island (I-LAND) “sponsored by CJ ENM and BTS agency Big Hit Entertainment. , Kim Sung Woo) ”was formed on September 18th and has not yet officially debuted.

“ENHYPEN” has not made its official debut yet, and the schedule has been closed. However, I was waiting for the “ENHYPEN” members at the airport to find out how the fans learned about the “ENHYPEN” schedule.

Fans who entered the restricted area

When you leave the lobby of the airport, this is the situation outside. The agency, which could not anticipate this, did not assign a separate guard.


A few managers weren’t strong enough to stop.

The members of “ENHYPEN” who were in an uncontrollable situation cried for the shock and fear they felt for the first time in their lives, such as being pushed by people and being grabbed by their clothes.




Kim Sung-woo (yellow clothes) was on the verge of fainting so much that he couldn’t support his body, but the camera captured the oldest “ENHYPEN” Lee Hisung (pink clothes) supporting Kim Sung-woo.



On the way out of the airport lobby, Yang Jon Wong and Jake were about to be pushed down by a crowd and injured, and Jake started crying.

Park Sung-hoon (white clothes) collapsed while being surrounded by fans and not being able to board the vehicle.

Looking at the video, the manager who supports Park Sung Hoon was really struggling to protect the members. Fortunately it didn’t result in a major accident, but fans of “I-LAND” and “ENHYPEN” severely criticized those at the airport for this situation.

When the situation at the airport of “ENHYPEN” became a hot topic online, there was a flood of comments that “ENHYPEN” members should be protected. On SNS, “#ProtectEnhypen” became the number one real-time trend in the world.

BELIFT LAB, the agency of “ENHYPEN”, also immediately posted the fan etiquette prohibition through the fan community Weverse.

▶ Visit informal dates or private spaces (company practice rooms, lodgings, and other member spaces)

▶ When entering or leaving Japan, visiting the airport or using the same airmail with information obtained by an improper method

▶ Conversation, physical contact or such attempt

▶ Photographs, videos or recordings outside the permitted space

▶ Acts that interfere with the work of the artist staff, domestic and foreign guard teams, and other related parties, or do not respond to requests for cooperation

Some fans got on the same plane as the “ENHYPEN” members how they put in the information. BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment could not manage staff, and there were many situations like this, but it seems that BELIFT LAB, a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment, cannot manage staff either. To protect the artist, the staff should be well managed so that information is not leaked.

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