K-Drama Nevertheless Review and Explained


Rating: 5/10

Plot: An uncertain romance begins between a heartbroken woman named Na-bi (translation: butterfly) and a flirtatious man obsessed with butterflies who do not want to commit to a relationship. They are attracted to each other but cynical about love due to their past relationships.
(Actors: Han So-hee, Song Kang)

Thoughts: It took me a few episodes to get into this drama. I really couldn’t relate to Na-bi at first. Sure, I understand the attraction, but I guess my personality is cautious so I wouldn’t get involved with a guy who is a known womanizer. I would just look at him from afar but shy away if he came near. But I can see how Na-bi gets sucked in. He’s sincere enough to make you think… maybe he’s not so bad! That’s the trap, ladies. Don’t fall for it! Lol.

I liked the side characters in this drama and maybe that’s what kept me interested. Bit-na and Gyu-hyun going from BFFs to ‘do we like each other?’ Sol and Ji-wan are BFFs but have awkwardness when Sol keeps secrets from Ji-wan.

As for the second lead Do-hyeok, I was not into him. Sure, he was nice enough and handsome enough, but nothing about him really grabbed my interest. He was the stereotypical “too nice” guy who I just can’t root for.

Around Ep 7, my friends really started disliking the drama, but I felt kinda the opposite. I didn’t love it, but I also didn’t hate it. People in their early 20’s are fickle, confusing, impulsive and their emotions run high. I felt it was true for me when I was early 20’s. I definitely did things that others disapproved of. So while I couldn’t always agree with the characters and their actions, I feel like I empathized with them. And even rooted for them. I seriously rooted for Na-bi and Jae-eon for some reason, even though Jae-eon was pretty twisted.

After Ep 9, my opinion changed and I stopped rooting for Na-bi and Jae-eon. I just rooted for Na-bi. I felt I understood her more and looking back at the drama, I feel her actions were that of a confused college kid. She really liked Jae-eon but knew he was trouble, thus trying to stop liking him. She kinda liked Do-hyeok but maybe not enough, which made her think she would just hurt him.


Then came the final episode, where I kinda had to try hard not to roll my eyes. It ended a little too tidy. I mean, I could understand how Na-bi was feeling, but Jae-eon did a complete 180 for no apparent reason? If he really did feel love at first sight, why did he treat her so poorly and just mess around instead of actually trying to date her in a respectful manner? Ok, maybe he was too emotionally messed up to treat her well… but then how did he suddenly figure it out in Ep10? Na-bi has been trying to ignore him/get over him since Ep5! Seriously, I know we all like to have the couple have a happy ending, but this one was just not it. I didn’t feel any happiness at all, just annoyance at the writers for how they wrote the characters.

And Do-hyeok saying, “You like Jae-eon, don’t you?” Like, duh! Where have you been in the last 5 episodes? It was pretty obvious when they were all in the countryside. I don’t believe he didn’t know this the entire time, and yet after asking her this, he finally decides to let her go. Head scratcher.

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