2PM Junho’s K-drama ‘The Red Sleeve’ Will Get Extra Episode (CONFIRMED)

The Red Sleeve

2PM member Junho’s kdrama has got an extra episode and this is good news for the drama fans.

Nowadays, Kpop stars are not just on music but they are also taking over drama and this is the same case for 2PM Junho who is actively involved in K-dramas.

Also, it looks like Koreans are obsessed with history and culture because ‘The Red Sleeve’ is a Korean historical drama and it has got the best rate from the viewers. In the past, some historical dramas like SF9’s Rowoon ‘The King’s Affection’, 2PM’s Taecyeon ‘Secret Royal Inspector & Joy’ have made a massive viewership.

All of these three dramas have got double-digit viewership ratings and getting the favorite drama of viewers. But in the case of ‘The Red Sleeve,’ it is getting more popular than any other Korean drama and has got an extra episode due to massive popularity and demand from the fans.

This drama has a total of 8 episodes but due to massive demand it will get one more episode and season 1 of the drama will get complete.

‘The Red Sleeve’ will get an extra episode


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This is really one of the happy news for the drama fans because they are getting a new episode of their favorite show and it is confirmed. As per MBC officials, “A variety of stories have been prepared in the second half, including the full-fledged romance of the male and female protagonists. From now on, the production team and the cast will do their best until the very end to live up to the expectations of the viewers.”

Has got double digits TV ratings


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According to Nielsen Korea’s chart, the drama is getting huge viewership and has got double digits TV ratings. Until episode 3 this drama was getting noticed and more popular all over Korea but as soon as many more episodes were released it got one of the most viewed dramas on all channels at the same time slot.

Until episode 6 was released it got the position of a second for being a most-watched drama with 10% viewership ratings but after releasing episode 7 it became one of the most-watched dramas in Korea with the highest number of positive ratings.

It also became one of the most trending topics and dramas in Korea for some weeks.

This drama is based on a historical period where 2PM Junho aka crown prince Yi San fall in love with his court lady. And this is a true story of King Jeong-jo who was from the Joseon dynasty. ‘The Red Sleeve’ can be watched on Friday and Saturday at 9:50 pm KST (7:50 am ET) on MBC’s channel but it can also be found at Viki.

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