Kep1er Announced Their Official Fanclub Name as ‘Kep1ian’


With lots of popularity and fans from all over the world finally, Kep1er has decided to make a name for their fandom.

At the ‘Girls Planet 999′ reality show, the group made released their fandom name as Kep1ian. The name is the mix of ‘Kep1er’ and ‘guardian’. As per the group, they are remembering the fans as their guardian.

They are also calling their fans guardian because they have promised to walk on the path of what their fans will show them and they said that they are very sure that Kep1ian will only want what is good for them.

Kpop girl group ‘Kep1er’ first debut mini-album ‘First Impact’ has already left a good mark and has become best selling kpop girl group album at the moment.

Watch their music video, for their single ‘WA DA DA’ below.

Kep1er fans following is growing

At the moment, Kep1er has around 100K+ followers on their Instagram and has more than 1 million subscribers on their official YouTube channel.


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