Who is Kim Go-eun boyfriend? Dating History

kim go-eun

Kim Go-Eun is a South Korean actress who rose to fame for her performance in her debut film “A Muse”(2012). She is born in Seoul, South Korea on 2nd July 1999.

She was still doing her degree at the Korean National University of Arts while performing for the film. To complete her education she had to take a break from acting. But she made a comeback with a banger with an award-winning performance in the movie “Monster”(2014). She is also well known for her role in television series like  “Cheese in the Trap” (2016), “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” (2016), and “The King: Eternal Monarch” (2020).

She has won many awards and she is one such perfect individual for whom fans from all over the world continue to grow their curiosity.

If You are also curious to know about her love life then you are at the right place as you will know everything you need to know about her current and past relationship along with rumors.

Current relationship status

It’s safe to consider to say that she is currently single because there are no official announcements or news about Go-Eun dating someone. As we know celebrities life is very private so it is hard to know the real truth about her past. But still, there are some rumors as well about her relationship. Let’s learn about his dating rumors down below.

Lee Min-Ho

There were rumors spiraling on and off in 2020 about Lee Min-Ho and Kim Go-Eun having an affair. This rumor began after both actors had main roles in the drama series “The King: Eternal Monarch”. Fans believed that they’re more than just friends as they noticed how close the two were in real life.  a lot of evidence was presented by the fans and it still remains controversial to this day.

Some evidence gathered by fans includes how Min-Ho appears to be more affectionate towards the actress in real life than and in the actual show. But that could also mean he’s super friendly right?

Well, you might have to think again because fans have also noticed that the actor only shares pictures of  Kim Go-Eun on his personal Instagram account throughout all of Min-Ho’s female friends,

Park Jung-Min

The dating rumors about Park jug-Min and Kim Go-Eun dating each other began after Go-Eun had attended an interview in 2018. The truth to these rumors remains unknown to this day.

Fans thought that there was something more going on between them because of their adorable chemistry with each other that was presented in the drama. But they are just known to be friends

In an interview, Go-Eun had talked about how one of her biggest drama series roles was influenced by Jung-Min. Afterward, the interviewer mentions that she had got a chance to work alongside many actors known for their extremely good looks and talent in such a short period of time. But she ended up choosing Jung-Min among many of those handsome and talented actors. And that made fans believe that there was something more than being just a friend.

Shin Ha-Kyun

The only confirmed dating rumor surrounding Go-Eun is the relationship between the 46 years old South Korean actor Shin Ha-Kyun. After getting closer to one another at work and even attending a scuba diving club together, their respective agency confirmed that the two were in fact a serious relationship in 2016.

But unfortunately in early 2017, only eight months after the announcement was made the couple decided to walk on a different path in life. Once again their respective agency explained that their break was purely due to their busy schedules as they couldn’t give enough time to each other.

However, the fans had their own interpretation of their breakup. Go-Eu had got a part in an upcoming drama series and she had grown close to her co-worker during the time of their breakup. So that led fans to believe that Ha-Kyun might have got very jealous or she might have had an affair with her co-worker.

Gong Yoo

Gong yoo wife,

You might be wondering who that rumored co-worker is right?

Well, the co-star is a 41 years old South Korean actor Gong Yoo. They worked together for the hit drama series”Goblin”(2016-2017). And after working the actress shared some exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures of Goong Yoo and Go-Eun wearing a wedding dress like the bride and groom.

But she removed the photos from her social media account after her breakup with Min-Ho. This horrible rumor was in fact just that as everyone involved announced publically.

Jung Hae-In

Jung Hae-In

An upcoming romance movie “Tune in for Love” was announced in 2019 with lead roles being played by 32 years old South Korean actors Jung Hae-In and Kim Go-Eun. Hae-In was asked about what was it like working with Go-Eun for the movie in an interview. To which he answered in such a sweet way that made fans melt and many believe romantic.

He also shared that one of his important and basic qualities to create good and natural chemistry is that to be considerate of his co-stars despite their gender and age. He also shared that he and Go-Eun had very good chemistry as they could speak just by looking into each other eyes. He surprised everyone by saying that he was dating the actress to put all of his focus and attention on her. But it was misinterpreted as the two of them were just friends and nothing more.

Park Hae-Jin

Park Hae-Jin and Go-EU had worked together on stage as a couple for the Kdrama series “Cheese in the Trap”(2016). Both had great chemistry and they looked adorable on-screen and off-screen as well.

The public loved to see them together soo much that even made the director of the series Lee Young-Jung hope that they were really dating and wished for them to get married in the future.

However, it was a make-believe relationship and not a genuine one that was created by the two actors in order to promote the series. Bu still their chemistry was all real and super adorable even though their relationship outside the work was fake.

Park Bo-Gum

park bo-gum

Like above Park Bo-Gum and Kim Go-Eun also worked together on the stage for the crime drama movie”Coin Locker Girl”(2015).

Park Bo-Gum and Go-Eun are just friends and nothing more.  The fans couldn’t help but melt over their adorable friendship. Bo-Gum had decided to wrap himself up to surprise Go-Eun at a fan-meet she was involved with for “Goblin“.

Fans couldn’t resist shipping them together since that incident. But there is a special quote “We have a right to believe whatever we want, but not everything we believe is right.” Similarly, the fans can ship all they want but unfortunately, the two haven’t taken their friendship to the next level.

Is she married?

Among many rumored relationships, she is known to have at least one confirmed relationship but that was about some years ago.

Also, there are no records or news about her marriage so most probably she hasn’t been married yet.

Her ideal type

Many well-known South Korean actors like Lee Min-Ho and Park Hae-Jin have revealed that their ideal type is Kim Go-Eun. But what about Kim Go–Eu ideal type?

Well, she hasn’t revealed her ideal type in detail. However, fans got a little hint about her ideal type in an interview n 2016. Although she didn’t directly reveal her ideal type, in the interview the interviewer had asked her to pick her ideal type among the characters from the series “Cheese in the Trap”, she then picked her two favorite scenes from the show and both the scene included a character “Baek In-Ho” which is played by 27 years old South Korean actor named Seo Kang-Joon.

She also revealed that she feels very comfortable and friendly towards the character. Because the character is the type of person to be very affectionate to anyone and despite being seen as cold on the outside, he is very warm on the inside.

To conclude, she is currently single and ready to mingle. There are no official announcements or news about her dating someone also it’s very hard to know about the celebrities’ private life as they live secretive life so it’s better to believe that she is single.

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