Kingdom Season 3: Release Date, Cast & Rumors


When will the zombie series Kingdom Season 3 release date, and who are the cast? Want to know, we have all the answers you need.

South Korean films and series have been gaining a lot of popularity across the globe thanks to digital platforms. Netflix is leading when it comes to global content, with their wonderful collection including plenty of South Korean shows and movies which are among my personal favorites being Kingdom!

Launched on January 25th 2019 following its original webcomic The Kingdom of Gods by Kim Eun-hee drawn by Yang Kyung-il, this first ever Netflix Original show has quickly become one that I’ve enjoyed immensely thus far as they explore numerous themes such as tradition vs modernity in an interesting manner while keeping me hooked from start through finish without any episode feeling too slow or tedious for even a second!

The world has been waiting and watching with bated breath as the third season of Kim Eun-hee’s hit show, ‘Kingdom’. The Korean TV drama premiered in March this year (13th), and had a great response from viewers worldwide. But what if we told you that there were speculations about Kingdom season 3 coming to Netflix soon! What are your thoughts on this possibility – could it happen or not?

Kingdom 3 Release Date

Netflix has yet to announce a third season of its popular show Kingdom, but it seems fairly likely given the content they have planned. The most telling sign that more is coming? An upcoming special episode titled “Kingdom: Ashin of the North.”

It may have been only a matter of time before they found out that doing the show for free would be more than simply taxing. Fans will now not just get to know Ashin, but also her backstory with zombies and other Pirate Queen business.

The release date for the special is still a mystery. The great Pirate Queen, Ashin, who was introduced at the end of last season and seems to be controlling zombies will have her story told in this upcoming event that’ll break down all history! It could even possibly turn out that an episode from Season 3 may have been shot or directed first so it can later be put together with the rest of this season.

Kingdom Season 3 Plot: What will happen next?

The third season of Kingdom is sure to be full of intrigue. In the Season 2 finale, Lee Chang and Seo-Bi track down Ashin who seems to have planted a plant that turns people into undead zombies in order destabilize the country with her ultimate goal still unknown.

The young king is showing signs of infection, which leaves the royal court susceptible to another outbreak. In addition, Lee Chang faked his death and handed off the throne to a illegitimate successor. Knowing that Japan and China are waiting for an opportune moment pounce on them again should put council at ease; welcoming him back would be in their best interest as well

The Kingdom series is full of the addictive excitement of a tangled web that’s too impossible to unravel. One episode leaves off at an intense cliffhanger, and you can only watch two more episodes before it’s time for bed.

The kingdom stars Ju Ji-hoon (Aura), Ryu Seung-ryong (Prince Jo Heon) and Bae Doo-na as Shin Sun/Queen Yoo Kyung who has her own agenda in power play among the four factions vying for control over Joseon dynasty politics: Crown Prince Lee Chang (King Taejo Wang Geun Hyeok); Queen Dowager Choi Young; royal sibling rivalry between Princess Jang Bin Hyewi Inkyeong Yi Gu

How many episodes will be there in Kingdom season 3?

Kingdom is expensive, but the production value and Netflix’s understanding of their viewers demands are high. Budget constraints have prevented a longer season so far with only 6 episodes in each first two seasons.

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