Korean Drama Dali and Cocky Prince Review

I absolutely love Park Gyu Young and I was so happy she was starring in a show. My favorite supporting role of hers was in The Third Charm when she played On Ri On and I was waiting for her to be a star in her own show. She has this simple and classic beauty. This show was really cute and the set was really well made. Her character in the show is awesome. She is a book-smart woman who is highly educated and always knows what to say and calm people down.

The two main characters are Kim Dali (Park Gyu Young) and Jin Moo Hak (Kim Min Jae). Dali is well educated in fine art. Her father was the owner of the Chung Young Art Gallery, which is situated on highly sought-after land for real estate developers. I love that they made her character kind and not the typical nasty rich girl. She is also a little naïve and thinks the best of everyone. When her father passed and she lost everything, she tried to hide it from everyone. I didn’t understand this at first but apparently, this happens quite a bit to people who lose their fortune in Korea. There is a deep shame that comes with it.

Dali’s hairstyle is a bit unique, I think it was styled this way to look like Salvador Dalí’s mustache. She has an incredible sense of style and always looks perfect. She always knows how to stay classy and keep calm.

Moo Hak is also from a well-off family of pork bone soup empire, Dondon FB, but he is the exact opposite from Dali. He is blunt, flashy, and hot-tempered. I don’t think I’ve seen Kim Min Jae play this type of character. He was the stoic Nurse Park in Dr. Romantic, an angsty teen in My Second 20s, and the goofy friend in Tempted. I love how they made his character different from other rich guys. He is loud, dresses very flashy, and openly admits to loving money. He is always subdued when he’s around Dali and it’s obvious that he likes her.

These two oddball rich kids cross paths through a set of misunderstandings and circumstances. The show starts with the murder of Dali’s father and there are several suspects who could have done it. There is a power struggle over the land of the art gallery between Century run by Jang Tae Jin (Kwon Yul), Dondon FB the company run by Moo Hak’s family, and an Assemblyman Ahn Sang Tae (Park Sang Myun). Things get messy as they fight over the land that the Dali’s art gallery is sitting on.

I enjoyed this show. It was cute and the story was good. The set design and color schemes were pleasant and the music added to the cuteness.

Spoilers Start

The main villains were close to home like Dali’s ex-fiance Tae Jin, her cousin Si Hyung (Lee Jae Woo), Moo Hak’s stepbrother, Ki Cheol (Lee Je Yun). I’m not sure if I can really consider Ki Cheol a villain. He was trying to win his stepfather’s affection. There was decent chemistry between the male and female lead and they looked really cute together.

Park Gyu Young who played Dali was awesome in this. She played the role perfectly and she is truly a gifted actress. The way she is able to convey switches in her emotions so subtly was brilliant. Her character was mostly calm without any huge swings in her emotions. I think only the most talented actors can convey subtle emotions and make the audience feel what they’re feeling. She didn’t need to cry or throw a fit to show that she was upset.


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The main thing I hated about the show was how Moo Hak and Tae Jin were constantly trying to control Dali. Dali owed Moo Hak money that her father borrowed from him and Tae Jin was taking advantage of the fact that she was broke. They both kept Dali in the dark about everything that was going on and she could have easily been a help to them. Was it truly an equal relationship between Dali and Moo Hak? It shows they don’t respect her and neither of them deserves to really

Why the hell was Moo Hak’s father blaming Dali for Moo Hak getting stabbed??? It was clearly his incompetent stepson’s fault which he later admitted but why does he not want them to date? I didn’t understand why. His explanation didn’t make sense.

Won Tak (Hwang Hee) was a perfect character and I was so glad that they didn’t create some stupid brother-sister love sub-plot with him and Dali. During interviews, Hwang Hee is always soft-spoken and comes off as a bit shy but maybe that’s the image he is trying to portray. Who really knows. He was loud and hot-tempered and also extremely loyal to Dali and her father.

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