Laura Lace Blows The Audience Away With Jerry C’s Canon Rock

Laura Lace, an exceptionally skilled guitarist from Riga, Latvia, has been captivating audiences with her stunning guitar performances since 2008. Her YouTube channel, a testament to her talent, boasts 205,000 subscribers, while her TikTok has attracted 165,000 views. Laura’s online presence is primarily focused on her musical endeavors and Latvian culture, leaving much of her personal life a mystery to her fans.

One of her most remarkable performances is a cover of Jerry C’s “Canon Rock.” Jerry C, a Taiwanese guitarist known for his rock renditions of classical pieces, has a substantial following, with his YouTube channel having 1.52 million subscribers. His version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D, often associated with weddings, has been transformed into a rock masterpiece by him.

However, Laura’s rendition of “Canon Rock” surpassed Jerry C’s popularity, garnering an astonishing 127.7 million views, eclipsing the 2 million views on Jerry C’s channel. This performance was part of a concert organized by Victor Evdokimov, a Latvian music teacher who nurtures young talents like Laura. The video features Laura on stage with two other guitarists and a drummer, all students of Evdokimov.

In this cover, the familiar melodies of the Canon are given a new life with electric guitar, showcasing both the song’s timeless beauty and Laura’s extraordinary skill. The performance is not only fast-paced but also precise, earning 886,000 likes and praise for its seamless transitions and tempo shifts.

For those who have yet to witness Laura Lace’s remarkable talent, her “Canon Rock” cover is a must-see. Her YouTube channel and Facebook page are excellent platforms for exploring more of her impressive guitar covers.

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