Law School Season 2 (Release Date, Review)

law school

Korean Shows are pretty great and Netflix seems to have lots of them. Law School is one such highly rated South Korean show that you must watch. The story is quite simple. You have a murder at a Law school and a group of freshmen law students are trying to find the murderer by teaming up with their teacher.

While the plot itself seems quite far fetched, the direction is so great and that makes it a fun watch. Let us move on to the review of the first season and then we are going to provide you the release date of the second one!

Law School Season 2 Release Date

The season 2 of this show has actually been released already. It was released in the 15th of April this year but the show runs weekly. So, the whole season did not come out at once. You can watch the new episode every week on Netflix. So go ahead and binge the first season if you haven’t and then you can slowly watch the second season at your own pace!

Review of Law School


There are two main story beats here; Yang is trying to beat the murder charge in Seo’s death and Kim is dealing with Le’s release. The show has backstories of different students and give you an idea and then throw you into a loop just like an Agatha Christie book. It is basically a murder mystery that you try to solve yourself as you watch it. The students try to figure out if Yang killed Seo or not. And that is the selling point of the show, it makes you think.


The acting is incredible. Kim Myung Min’s performance as Yang was a letdown but the rest of the actors did a really great job at their characters. It is a really nice acting performance by the cast and it kind of hooks you in.


If you have never seen a Korean drama before, you might be surprised how familiar Law School’s direction might look to you. It has that western feel to it and it kind of plays out like shows such as How to get away with Murder. The lighting, camera work and the way the scenes move have such an eerily familiar feel to it.

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