6 K-Pop Idols With Very Well Cooking Skills

K-pop idol chef

We are very familiar with K-pop idols sharing their interests and hobbies with fans. Some of them are soo good at their hobbies that someone might even argue that they’re almost at the level of professionals. And the lobby we are talking about is cooking as many idols seem to be interested in cooking as well.

You can watch 6 male K-pop idols with an awesome recipe down below.

GOT7 BamBam

BamBam is multi-talented and cooking happens to be one of them. On his social media account, he often shares about the meals that he cooks himself and other dishes that he’d like to try. Undoubtedly, his recipes are easy to follow and all his recipes are top-notch. HIs recipe for Som Tam & Fire Jjampong Ramyun is one of the best.


With all the precious advice, tips, and trick Kun has up his sleeve, he really has the finesse of an experienced chef. Anyone can cook for themselves by following his recipes. He is an incredible chef as his recipe for Chinese-style braised fish will have you craving for it in a flash.

NCT Taeil

Taeil has made an entire series of videos about his special recipes for various dishes belonging to a range of exciting cuisines, especially Korean for his fans and fellow members. He is also called as ‘Master MOON Chef’ as he is very talented and doesn’t hesitate to modify and recreate recipes in his own way. In particular, his specialty seems to be Fusion cuisine. You can check out the recipe for pork belly pasta in the video above which is taught by the master himself.

Eric Nam

Eric Nam is the best chef to end your hunger in a flash as sometimes all you need s a bowl of comfort food to fill your heart and top-notch recipes that are very simple. Eric Nam has created the best show NAM NOMS where he shows and often creates uncomplicated recipes for a variety of some of the most beloved dishes like tteokbokki and kimchi jjigae. He has released a “no recipe cake” recipe that will make you feel like a pastry chef after watching the video that is given above.

VAV St. Van

VAV’s St. Van has a dedicated YouTube channel for sharing his passion for cooking with fans. He is an exemplary chef as he incorporates his own touch into all his recipes, making them memorable. His YouTube channel is called “금 나와라 혁딱 Cook with Hyuk” where he posts vlogs and real-time cooking live streams for the viewers to better understand.

iKON Song

iKon’s striking vocalist has all the confidence and skills he needs to become a celebrity chef. You will have a strong desire to cook along at your home, with his explanation of the recipe with such intricate detail and comprehensive instructions. He has a YouTube channel called “송슐랭 가이드 – SONGCHELIN GUIDE” where he shares incredible recipes for various dishes, making even gourmet food look easy to make. You should probably watch his recipe for basil pesto pizza which is given above.

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