Lee Jong Suk & Kwon Nara dating theory emerged, Ferrari present?

The dating theory of actor Lee Jong Suk and actress Kwon Nara has resurfaced. In addition, there are rumors that Lee Jong Suk presented Kwon Nara with a luxury car Ferrari. Recently, a reporter from the entertainment department said that Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara have not separated and are still dating. ”

I investigated the dating theory of top actor Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara who became a famous actress through the drama “Itaewon Class”. It is said that Lee Jong Suk is two years older and both are tall, have small faces, and have a very good proportion of body. And the most notable fact is the current agency, but both belong to the same “A-MAN project”. Lee Jong Suk is the president of this company. The dating theory of Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara emerged in August 2019, but at that time, Lee Jong Suk was unable to join the army in active duty and took a substitute service as a public service worker. It was less than two months after Kwon Nara moved to the “A-MAN Project”.

Kwon Nara, a member of the girls group Hello Venus and a member of Fantagio, finished her 7-year idol activity on May 8, 2019 after her exclusive contract with Fantagio expired.・ Signed an exclusive contract with “A-MAN Project”, of which Jong Suk is the president, and will go on to become a full-fledged actress.

When the dating theory emerged, they denied the dating theory, saying that they had a relationship with seniors and juniors in their close agency. However, it is easy for the same agency to control the dating theory. If you announce that a typical example is the relationship between the close seniors and juniors of your agency in these two cases, that’s it.

Kwon Nara is supported by a lot of senior Lee Jong Suk of his agency in an interview conducted before the drama “Itaewon Class” was aired. I was proud of my boyfriend when it became a big force. However, he was not suspected because he belonged to the same agency.


So when did the two start dating? I guess it was at least before Lee Jong Suk joined the army. It’s unclear if the dating started in early 2019 or before, but it’s true that Lee Jong Suk had been dating before joining the army. In addition, Lee Jong Suk, who also participates in the management of the company, seems to have transferred Kwon Nara to his agency “A-MAN Project”.

The date place for the two was the cafe “89 Mansion” run by Lee Jong Suk. There are many witnesses who saw them. The cafe “89 Mansion” run by Lee Jong Suk was sold in July 2020.


As if to prove this fact, Lee Jong Suk presented Kwon Nara with a luxury sports car Ferrari. It’s not clear if he bought a car and gave it as a gift, or if he gave him the car he was riding.


Kwon Nara was famous for her good style during the girls group Hello Venus. However, no one could have predicted that he would become such a popular actress. Reporters from the entertainment agency claim that they are seniors and juniors in the same agency, but they are still dating and are unlikely to reveal that they are dating. Fans will be satisfied if they have a good synergistic effect with each other, whether they are dating or seniors and juniors in the same agency. I’m looking forward to their success from now on.

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