Did Lee Jong Suk Undergo Plastic Surgery?

le jong suk then and now

Lee Jong Suk is a very well-known actor among Korean netizens and drama fans. We can’t deny that his good looks haven’t attracted some attention from the fans. Along with his amazing acting skills, his visuals act as a bonus point for him.

Jong-suk has always been a good-looking man and now, he looks even better. It’s pretty clear that he has gotten some work don’t to his face which is not a bad thing of course. Let’s discuss some of the visible plastic surgery that he has gotten.

The obvious alteration of his bigger eye shape has led the majority of his admirers to believe that he underwent eye surgery. Lee Jong Suk’s eyes were tiny, and his eyelids were single at the time, as is customary in South Korea. Now that the Korean actor has modest double eyelids, he may appear more expressive, and as an actor, this kind of cosmetic enhancement is really useful.

Before making it great in the entertainment business, fans think the Korean heartthrob had a facelift. Lee Jong Suk’s nose seems to be flat, blunt, and broad in this vintage photograph. However, the nose bridge of the South Korean celebrity has become smaller and more polished. The tip of his new nose, if it’s the real deal, will be more angular.

regardless of whether he has gotten plastic surgery or not, we cannot argue with the fact all of us think he’s gorgeous whenever we see a glimpse of him. We are constantly amazed by his look on TV as well as his face and body.

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