Who is Lee Joon-gi Girlfriend? His Dating History

Lee Joon-gi

Lee Joon-gi is a famous South Korean actor, dancer, singer, and model, also known as Lee Joon ki who rose to fame on his first leading role in the critically acclaimed film “The King and the Clown”-playing the role of a clown. Since then he has gained more recognition in the romantic comedy “My Girl” as well as in other genres as well like historical and action thrillers dramas.

He is also popular for his performance in the television series “Iljmae”, “Arang and the Magistrate”, and “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”. He is also a top Hallyu star established by the popularity of his work overseas especially in Asia.

He was born in Busan on 17th April 1982. He is already 39 and at marrying age. But has he got married? or is he in any relationship?

If you are curious about his love life then you are in the right place as you will know everything you need to know about his current relationship status and past relations.

Current relationship status

If you are a sasaeng fangirl of Lee Joon-gi and wish that he is not yet married then you might rejoice because he is not married yet. His most recent girlfriend was Jeon Hye Bin. There are no official announcements or reports that reveal his current relationship, as well as most of the fans, believe that he is still single after he broke up with his two-year-long girlfriend Jeon Hye Bin.

As we know celebrities’ life is very private so it is hard to know the real truth about his past. But some of his confirmed and rumored relationships are given below.

Jeon Hye Bin

Lee Joon-hi and Jeon Hye Bin confirmed their relationship on April 4, 2017. It was also revealed that they started dating in early 2016 and they started developing feelings for each other through the drama “Gunman in Joseon” back in 2014.

But their agency “Namoo Actors” revealed that the couple decided to part ways and end their two-year relationship on 25th August 2017 after four months of going public.

Later the reason for their break up was revealed and the cause was their busy schedule. But it was also revealed that they don’t have hard feelings for each other and they would remain on good terms as a good colleague.

Shin Min Ah

Lee Joon-gi and Shin Min Ah were rumored to be in a relationship. The rumors about them having an affair were going on for some time but it ended after Lee Joon-gi denied the rumors.

They had worked together for about 5 months for the MBC’s drama “Arang and the Magistrate”. The two actors had gained a lot of attention in the media and the rumors about them also started at the same time.

But later on SBS’s variety program “Healing Camp”, Lee Joon-gi was featured as a special guest on 28 January 2013. In that program, He revealed that they were pretty close on set to the point that he would dance in front of her for fun. He also added that he wanted to know about Shin Min Ah’s number as he had never talked to her.

From that interview, we get to know that they were not in a relationship, and the rumors about them having an affair turned out to be false.

Uee (Kim Yu-jin)

Like above Uee and Lee Joon-gi were also rumored to have an affair. But it was the first rumor Joon-gi was involved with.

But he clarified the rumors by appearing on the SBS “One Night TV Entertainment” episode on 22 February 2012 where he stated that the rumors about them having an affair are completely untrue and he also joked by saying that he will hope for an even better rumor in the future.

Yoo Ri Ah

Yoo Ri Ah

News about Yoo Ri Ah and Lee Joon-gi storm the web as they were spotted at a saloon and coffee shop together.

But on 11th February 2012, a representative of the actress had a phone interview with OSEN and they revealed that after confirming with Yoo Ri AH herself they found out that the rumor was completely false. Also, she used to go to the same beauty salon as Lee Joon-gi and she had only one or two meals with him.

As well as Lee Joon-gi’s agency had stated similarly by saying that they only have a sunbae-hoobae relationship and they were not overs.

So the rumors about them were not true.

Park Min Young

There was a rumor about Park Min Young and Lee Joon-gi dating each other. The two worked together on a variety show called “My Ear’s Candy”. His appearance on the show was controversial because he had been dating Jeon Hye Bin since 2016 but many viewers thought that Lee Joon-gi and Park Min Young were in a relationship. So the rumors about them had begun from the show.

But Lee Joon-gi proved that the rumors were false after announcing his relationship with Jeon Hye Bin to the public.


IU Boyfriend

IU and Lee Joon-gi had massive success in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”. They had strong chemistry in the show that made viewers wonder if they were in a real relationship. Many fans wanted IU and Lee Joon-gi to become a real couple and a Tawan newspapers had also published information that they were in a real relationship.

The Taiwanese newspaper also claimed that they had fallen in love with each other after working together in the drama.

But once again the rumors were clarified by Lee Joon-gi’s manager. He said that “The two of them have been very close for a long time, thanks to their acting in” Moon Lovers “that they are closer. However, there is no dating. We hope. Hope people do not misunderstand about their relationship.”

So they are just close friends who love supporting each other and the rumor once again turned out to be false.

His ideal type?

It is revealed that his ideal type is someone who is a warm-hearted person, who is more mature than him, and the one who allows him to put his head on her shoulder from time to time.


To conclude, although he is already at a marrying age he is still single. Also, there aren’t any reports about him dating someone so it is safe to conclude that he is currently single and not dating anyone in private. We hope he will be able to find a suitable partner soon.

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