Lee know (STRAY KIDS) Profile and Facts

lee know stray kids

Lee Know (리노), who was formerly known as Minho (민호) is a South Korean singer and the member of the group STRAY KIDS. He is managed by his company JYP ent.

Stage Name: Lee Know (리노), formerly known as Minho (민호)

Birth Name: Lee Min Ho (이민호)

Birthplace: Gimpo, South Korea.

Birthday: October 25, 1998

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 172 cm (5’8″)

Weight: 66kg

lee know was born in Gimpo south Korea and did his schooling in the department of electronic calculator in Gimpo Jeil technical high school. Minho is his parent’s only child. when he was small he had a dream of being a policeman.

He also has 3 cats who are named Soonie Doongie and dory. His passion for dancing started way before he was an idol, he started dancing since he was in middle school. He says he realized his passion for singing when he was a backup dancer and really wanted to star on stage. He also has 2nd belt in both taekwondo and martial arts. Some of his nicknames are lee Rino, Leecasso Tsundere, etc. His hands are very small alongside his team member Felix.

He auditioned for JYP and passed the audition and trained for only a year. Lee know has the shortest training period compared to the other member. he also joined the Mnet’s Stray kids show and got eliminated in ep 7 but was brought back at the end of ep 9. Later he debuted as the main dancer, sub vocalist, and sub rapper of Stray kids on March 25, 2018. Before his debut, he was featured in BTS’S MV as a backup dancer for Not Today.

He was also a backup dancer for them during their Japanese tour. Before joining JYP he appeared in ‘Nat geo’ when he was auditioning for cube entertainment. He is also known to have a 4D personality, the leader Bang Chan says lee know would oftentimes say random words with no meaning and often times refers to himself in the 3rd person. lee likes watching anime and often talks about his favorite shows.  Another cool feature about Minho is that he can make his eyebrow dance.

Lee know often times describes himself as a cute person who eats well. Additionally, he can also speak basic English and Japanese. One of his unique features is that he is ambidextrous which means he can write with both hands. he says that his visual suit is more like an SM idol rather than JYP.

Another fact about lee know is that he can’t swim and has fear of heights. He can also make his eyebrows dance. On the other hand, he has a scar on his stomach from a surgery he got as a child. Some of his favorite foods are mind chocolate ice cream, Korean food, etc. He also considers himself an introvert since he likes to stay home and watch movies or go to the movies by himself. One of his biggest role models is 2pm‘s Taecyeon.

He also has a unique ritual where he doesn’t look at the mirror when he dances because he says it distracts him. Fans have wondered time and again how his skin is so clear but when asked about his skin routine he says he doesn’t have a strict skincare routine and just works out and eats well. Minho says putting on lenses is a hassle because it takes him a long time to put them on. His ideal type is someone who is a good match for him and someone he can talk comfortably with




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