About Lee Sung Kyung Boyfriend and Her Love Story

lee sung kyung boyfriend

You know who Lee Sung-Kyung is, correct if you are a lover of Korean dramas and you would rather watch the weightlifting drama Kim Bok-Joo? Lee Sung-Kyung also showed us its performance when she played her role in weight lifting to be active as a model Kim Bok-Fairy.

She performed with actor Nam Joo-hyuk in the drama and was reported to be there five months after it came to a conclusion. Sadly, due to their hectic work schedules, the bond did not survive for long. As the broke-ups are still excellent conditions as coworkers, Lee Sung-Kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk. She has been speculated to meet other actors since she split up with Nam Joo-hyuk.

Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Seung-gi

In January 2018, because of their stunning appearances, Lee Sung-Kyung and Lee Seung-gi became the focus of popular discussion. Both MCs have been awarded the 32nd Golden Disc Awards at the prestigious music awards program. They were speculative subjects since their outfits looked like bridal dresses.

Lee Sung-Kyung was shown in a very white dress with a lot of silver decorations, while Lee Seung-gi was shown on his left thong in a very black suit with silver ornaments. They seemed like a pair at the edge of the bond. Lee Sung-Kyung split up with Nam Joo-hyuk, while Lee Seung-gi also chopped with his latest lover, I’m Yoon-ah. Since the two fans currently are unmarried, many wonder if, because they have chosen to decorate, they may contemplate marriage. Lee Sung-Kyung looks extremely lovely, while Lee Seung-gi looks very lovely.

Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Jong-suk

In an interview, Lee Sung-Kyung chatted with celebrities, notably Lee Jong-suk, about her friendships. “I hope people will not say it again, she added. She said, Everyone may see all photos of my actions online, and it looks that they are the only ones that include a ‘rich network of celebrities.’ This is a pity. That seems to me to give others thought, but I’m not really different from others. There’s something remarkable about me. Only when we work together are we close. And that’s insane because I know someone before they’re famous in many situations. ”

“As you know, I’ve been Lee Jong Suk pals for 10 years,” she said. He continued. We all have the ugliness of the history of each other. We are used to sleeping in the same neighborhood, I’m likewise close to Choi Tae-Joon.”

“I already have many excellent friends, men’s and women’s pals since high school,” she continued. I {will be able to|I’ll} joke with them in order to make it comfortable, whether or not the females can’t truly match the people. I’m getting lighter among male pals for a few reasons. With humans, I’ll be freer to touch and less cautious. Talks are more comfortable and quality feedback is available, which in my name is more healthy, I feel. On the contrary, they don’t regard me like a lady because we are such good friends. I have a lot of male friends, but I never had a boyfriend even in high school.”

Nam Joo-hyuk was Lee Sung-kyung

As we know, the renowned actor Nam Joo-hyuk was dated early in 2016 by Lee Sung-Kyung. They started dating after working with Kim Bok-Joo on weightlifting. They were close as friends at that time till the drama was over. YG Entertainment has verified their dating.

After filming the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo in December 2016, they left for a romantic night. Dispatch says, when no drama filming was scheduled, the pair saw one another. The pair came to a church date in April 2017. Lee Sung-Kyung left her house and wore a wig and a golf cap and switched on a bucket hat when she purchased the church. The same kind of bucket hat and mask was put on by Nam Joo-hyuk to cover himself.
They eventually decided to part after dating for five months. “True, Lee Sung-Kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk have decided to stop,” YG Entertainment said to media outlets. The label reported that sunbae-hoobaes will remain close.

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