Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 (Release Date)

Legend of the Blue Sea is fantasy TV show directed by Jin Hyuk and park Seon Ho. It is a very popular Korean TV drama. The series is inspired by Korea’s historical tales and it takes a lot of inspiration from Real history. It has the story of reincarnation of two characters in the Joseon period of the Korean History.

Their fates are intertwined and they meet in the modern day again. In the modern day, the story focuses on a con artist and a mermaid who travel across the sea to unite. A very cool plot

Season 1 Plot, Cast and Review

The very first season of Legend of the Blue Sea had a really unique love story that was kind of like a fairy tale. It had two different perspectives of the same character and both of them were connected by fate. It was set in the Joseaon Period and the story is aimed at the lives of Kim Dam Ryeong and Se Hwa the mermaid. The plot is supernatural and revolves around reincarnation which is so cool.

The acting on this show is pretty great as well. Both actors do an incredible great job. Jun Ji Hyun’s performance is pretty great in the show. Lee Min Ho also does a great job. The actors are able to deliver natural performances in this fairy tale story which is a nice thing to watch.

Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 Release Date

This south korean show was first premiered in the year 2016 and it concluded in 2017. The first season had a total of 20 episodes with a few extra episodes to cap things off.

It was received well by the audience all over the world. Everyone praised the acting performances and the story beats in the show. A lot of South Korean shows end after the first season but because this show managed to gain a wide viewership, a season two might be there in the future.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet though. There hasn’t been any official word from the producers of the show.

It has also been more than three years since the first season came out so, it might also not get the sequel. But there is a worldwide pandemic right now and that might have caused the show to be shelved as of now. It might release sometime around 2022.

We hope it does get the season three though. The show has a really good story that needs a closure and we won’t say no to another binge worthy season!

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