Lilies demand an answer as YG Entertainment skip US promos for Blackpink Lisa’s ‘Money’

Lisa Blackpink

Even if they are solo projects by group members it is very important to promote the album globally by all the team involved in the publicity blitz. The fans already know about this as it ensures these artists get the global recognization they deserve. Recently, Blackpink’s Lisa had released her first soo single album with ‘Lalisa. The album was a huge success despite the meager promotion it received, only limited to South Korea.

Blackpink’s label ‘YG Entertainment’ has been asked many questions by the fans as they have done so little in terms of promoting their artists, especially Blackpink’s members for their respective solo projects. Just some weeks ago Lisa was stopped from attending Paris Fashion Week despite being in France which caused massive outrage as other members attended their respective events to promote their brands. From that moment the fans of Lisa have stayed vigilant about YG Entertainment to make them change their ways. Consequently, the label faced a huge fall in stock as fans decided to punish the label for ‘mistreating’ Lisa.

 YG Entertainment starts to release more promotional content to pacify enraged fans

After they have wasted Lisa’s time in Paris and upset fans by their mismanagement of Lisa, the able has started to drop more promotional content to pacify enraged fans. The label ‘YG Entertainment’ released the performance video for Lisa’s B-side track “MONEY” on October 10. The dance practice video is doing great as it has gained over 6million views within 17 hours of its release.

In the dance practice video, Lisa and the dance crew performed the song amazingly with so much energy and confidence.

Some fans have commented by saying,’ “She is an asset. She can actually establish her own empire. That is why YG didn’t allow her to go alone in a big event because YG is scared to lose her,”.

Another added,” Lisa is the next generation k-pop idol. She is ultimately talented. Her dancing talent is unstoppable. Her flexes are breathtaking. She truly is a futuristic k-pop artist and my role model.”

You can watch the practice dance video down below.

Fans lash out at YG Entertainment on Twitter

The performance video saw positive feedback appreciation for Lisa in the YouTube comments. But it was a different story on Twitter as Twitter was full of fans’ tweets lashing out at YG Entertainment for barely promoting the song “MONEY’ in the United States. Not only in the U.S but the label has not promoted the song even in South Korea since its release. Still, fans expected more from Lisa’s promotion. Her song “MONEY” did not appear on the Billboard Top songs charts due to a limited number of radio spins and almost no active promotions.

As YG continues to mess up Lisa’s album promotion fans express their disapproval and feel that Lisa deserves more promotion for the song. Lots of fans have tweeted to support Lisa and remind YG ENtertainment of their mismanagement which is given below.

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