Will there be Lovestruck in the City Season 2?

Lovestruck in the City

Lovestruck in the City is one of the famous Kdrama directed and created by Park Shin-woo and Jung Hyun-jung. This is a Korean romantic drama which is based on a couple, the story revolves around 32 years old architect Park Jae-won, who meets a young lady named Yeon Seon-a.

At first, Park falls in love with Yeon, thinking that she is the one made for him. But sadly, when he proposes to her but she immediately rejects the love proposal from Park which made him heartbroken.

Lovestruck In the City Release Date

Lovestruck In The City creators and directors have not many public announcement regarding this kdrama season 2. Since the drama has got a very good rating in Korea and from all over the world there might be a great chance that we may get this kdrama anytime soon.

Anyway, at the moment you can watch this kdrama on Netflix in the dubbed version in case if you have missed season 1 of this drama.  Most of the time kdrama never get renewed for season 2 since all story gets completed in season 1 still, there is a chance that we may get this kdrama.

Lovestruck In the City Casts

In season 1 we have,

Ji Chang-Woo as Park Jae-won

Kim Ji-won as Lee Eun-o/Yoon Seon-a

Kim Min-Seok as Choi Kyeong-jun

So Joo-Yeon as Suh Rin-i

Ryu Kyung-soo as Kang Geon

Han Ji-Eun as Oh Seon-Yeong

So, if the drama is planned to release its season 2 then still we will be getting the same actors with the same roles but we may see some new faces in this drama.


This kdrama is not the same just as any random kdrama with action and romance but this drama is based on the interview concept. In the show, six people started to share their life and love experiences talking about their dating life.

The crew team of this drama has done really outstanding job to share the expressions and feeling with the couples who dated in their past life and learning lessons. In the plot, the guy named Park described the lady as a camera thief because as per him, she stole his heart at just a first sight and then disappeared.

But in others’ stories, there were a couple who were living happily still shared their story including lots of ups and downs which they faced in their time.

Another guy Kang Geon was 29 years old novelist who fall in love with a beautiful woman and later dates Oh Seon-Yeong, another 30 years old gym teacher who was also the ex-girlfriend of Goen was present over there.

In this kdrama 6 peoples share their love story including ups and downs in an interview way.

We can expect this drama season 2 because the storyline of this drama looks like will never have an ending because we can get many more other storytellers who can share about their love and dating life.

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