May Pang Explains John Lennon Had One Unfulfilled Wish About Paul McCartney

In a recent conversation with USA Today, May Pang shed light on John Lennon’s unsaid desire regarding Paul McCartney during the tumultuous times after the Beatles split.

The documentary, ‘The Lost Weekend: A Love Story’, showcases how John pondered the idea of teaming up with Paul once more, even post the band’s breakup. When questioned about this revelation, May shared:

“With the Beatles chapter closed, each was on his own path. Around January 1975, Paul and Linda [McCartney] announced their plans for a new album in New Orleans titled ‘Venus and Mars’. John’s response was an affectionate, ‘Oh, New Orleans, always had a soft spot for it.'”

Detailing a particular memory, May reminisced:

“A few days after, John, strumming his guitar, mused, ‘How about I team up with Paul for writing again?’ The sheer surprise of that moment was akin to a scene from ‘The Exorcist’, where the head turns 180 degrees. My immediate thought was, ‘That’d be fantastic.'”

What John voiced next hinted at his genuine intent:

“He mentioned, ‘We could probably head down there.’ He was serious about this reunion. I was certain that if he’d made the trip to New Orleans, the collaboration would’ve happened.”

But fate had other plans. John rekindled his relationship with Yoko Ono around then. Reflecting on Yoko’s reaction to their reunion in an interview with the Guardian, Pang remarked:

“When I congratulated her about having John back, her reply was intriguing. She mentioned, ‘Happy? Not sure I’ll ever truly be.’ This didn’t seem like the words of someone eagerly welcoming a loved one.”

In an earlier chat with People, May disclosed how Yoko, fearing John might drift towards another woman, steered him towards Pang – someone he had earlier expressed interest in. Initially reluctant due to John being married and also her employer, Yoko’s reassurance led to the start of Pang and Lennon’s relationship.

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