Who are Min Yoongi parents?

Min Yoongi

Min Yoongi, who was born on March 9, 1993, is gonna be 29 years old in 2021. He grew up in a working family in the North District of Daegu, South Korea. He is of Korean nationality and believes in Buddhism. Taitian Elementary School is where he completed his primary education. In addition, he attended Guanyin Middle School and Apgujeong High School. After that, he studied at Hanyang Internet University and obtained a master’s degree in advertising and media. He became interested in rappers after discovering Stony Skunk’s Ragga Muffin and decided to take a job in the same profession. He started working on his ambition at the age of 13 as well and got involved in a studio. Finally, after all his struggles along with his fellow group members, we all know Min SUGA is.

Now let’s get to know a little more about who his parents are and what they do?

Like most idols, Yoongi too hasn’t shared much about his parents or personal family life, what little we know is all from little stories the idol has shared and some other from fans who knew him in the past. His father is said to be a businessman and we know that his mother used to own a restaurant in his hometown which is unfortunately closed now because of some personal issues. Not much is known about Suga’s parents. According to several interviews and fan comments, they were just unhappy that he aspired to be a K-pop star.

Despite the objections of his parents, Suga persisted in his work. His love of music was crucial in driving him forward. Through an audition, he eventually joined Big Hit Entertainment, the company that launched him into his career with the K-pop group BTS.” They protested vehemently for about six months. My father was a very conservative man, and because my parents had suffered so much, they did not make their children suffer.” live in safety,” Suga said.

He went on to say, “Rap was foreign to my parents. They were from a different generation than me and they were never related to rap; it wasn’t part of their music. So it makes sense for them to be. I did. And of course, interpreting is a dangerous profession. So I can understand why my family was against everything I did. But I think it motivated me or made me work harder because now I have something to prove.

I had to prove to my parents that it was completely doable. As a result, it motivates and motivates me to strive for more.”Suga’s parents attended a live BTS performance with him a few years after the group debuted. When Suga spotted them in the crowd, he burst into tears and bowed to them. Because it was such an emotional event for the musician, this live performance (and accompanying video) will stay in the minds of some BTS fans.

However, after all these years, we now know that the producer’s parents fully support him in everything he’s doing. Suga has gained worldwide success along with his members and has made many people happy with his music and the message that comes with it. Suga is changing the rap world with his outstanding rap skill and the type of power meaning he puts behind it. His parents must be happy that his son has now inspired millions of people from every culture.

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