Everything We Know Mine Season 2 (Release Date, Plot, Casts)


Mine is one of the famous and popular Korean Drama which is based on two ambitious women who are trying to make their life on their own. The two women’s names are Jung Seo-hyun and Seo Hi-soo. Whereas, Jung Seo-hyun is the daughter-in-law which family also owns Hyowon Group.

And another lady’s name is Seo Hi-soo who is also a former actress in the drama. This drama was directed by Baek Mi-kyoung and Lee Na-Jeong. This show was first released on Netflix in May 2021 on tvN and Netflix.

This drama has been praised by lots of viewers and they also appreciated the storyline of this drama which shows the will of a woman if they want they can achieve.

Mine Season 2 Release Date

Mine season 1 was released on May 2021 on Netflix and all the episodes of season 1 were finished on June 2021. There is a total of 16 episodes on the drama with 60-80 minutes of running time.

Till now there is no official statement made by the production house and Netflix about this drama but fans are optimistic about this drama. As per the report, there are over more than 1.46 million viewers of this K-drama first episode and the final episode hit more than 2.42 million views on its final episode.

This made Mine one of the most views K-drama of the season and due to growing popularity, there can be more chance that this drama will get more hit and hit and there is also a huge demand for Mine season 2.

First, drama filming was started in early spring and it took some years to finalize the drama. So, there is even any chance we might get season 2 of this drama then it will still gonna take more than a year to get season 2.

Mine Season 2 Casts

The characters of this show are Seo Hi-soo as Lee Bo-young, Jung Seo-hyun as Kim Seo-hyung, Han Ji-yong as Lee Hyun-wook and Han Jin-ho as Park Hyuk-kwon. These are some of the main casts of this drama but still, there are many casts who have played a significant role in the drama.


The first season was ended with all the interesting incidents and Ji-yong’s death. And in the drama, it has been revealed that Joo killed Ji-yong to protect Hi-soo. Their relationship between these two women seems to be not so stable but they tried to make their relationship stable and because both of them are an important part of Ha-joon’s life.

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