Miyu Takeuchi, solo debut instead of girls group?

Miyu Takeuchi, a former member of the female idol group AKB48, participated in the survival audition program “Produce 48” held in South Korea. There was a rumor that he would make his debut as a solo singer instead of joining the girl group of his agency MYSTIC STORY from the end of last year, but finally his agency MYSTIC STORY officially certified Miyu Takeuchi as his artist.


Recently, the name of Miyu Takeuchi was posted on the official website of MYSTIC STORY.




On the company homepage, not only Miyu Takeuchi’s name but also a personal profile page was created, and he was officially recognized as a singer belonging to MYSTIC STORY.







Miyu Takeuchi was recognized as an artist at the time of the second album release since 2019 as a singer for the February issue of the upcoming “Monthly Yoon Jong Shin”. “Monthly Yoon Jong Shin” is the title of the monthly music project of singer Yoon Jong Shin , the president of MYSTIC STORY . An album released on MYSTIC STORY every month, a monthly music project in which not only Korean singers but also famous overseas artists participate.

After appearing on Mnet “Produce 48” in 2018, Miyu Takeuchi, who came to Korea alone and lived as a MYSTIC STORY trainee from 2019, has finally become an official singer.

What will happen to the members of the girls group of MYSTIC STORY that Miyu Takeuchi has left?

A total of 7 MYSTIC STORY Rookies were introduced as preliminary members of the MYSTIC STORY girls group. Among them, Lee Su-min left the company, and Miyu Takeuchi has decided to make a solo debut, so there are five remaining trainees, including Mun Sua, Fukutomi, Kim Shi-yun, Kim Haram, and Kim Soo-hyun. ..

Recently, MYSTIC STORY auditioned to interact with new members of the new girls group. After leaving Lee Su-min, MYSTIC STORY conducted a new trainee audition jointly with YGX and Cacao M, and it was known that there were multiple successful applicants. It has not been revealed how many secret trainees there are.

At the end of January, producer Han Jung-soo, who is in charge of the debut of the new girl group of MYSTIC STORY, posted a photo of the practice room on his Instagram to inform him of the recent situation of the girl group preparing for his debut. It is rumored that the new girl group will debut in March at MYSTIC STORY, which has suspended all trainee activities since November last year and started preparing for its debut.

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