MLD Entertainment appeal against the case as they refuse to pay ex-Momoland singer Daisy

ex-Momoland member Daisy

Momoland was formed through a survival show “Finding Momoland” which consisted of nine members. After their debut under MLD Entertainment in 2016, three of the member had already left. Fans wondered if the agency had mistreated Daisy as she had left the group in 2020. She did a frank interview before she had left the group and in that interview, she stated that their agency has been responsible for mistreating the girls. She also claimed that for producing ‘Finding Momoland’ the MLD had cut $55K (66 million won) from the members’ earnings.

Fans also thought that Daisy left as MLD had not invited her to group promotions. Daisy was interviewed on 7th9 January 2020, by KBS News 9, in that interview she said that the survival show ‘Finding MOmolad’ was rigged and she was said to debut despite being eliminated. She also exposed that the cost of the show had been incurred by the girls which were deemed unfair as they had not signed a contract to produce a survival show in the first place. she exposed all this when MLD had stopped her from promoting with Momoland.


Daisy files lawsuit against MLD Entertainment

She has made a claim that since May 2019 she was put on a hiatus for fake reasons and had been prevented from joining Momoland’s activities. She wasn’t allowed to promote with girls. As much as she loved them she could not stay. She also revealed that MLD Entertainment asked for a lot of money when she asked them to terminate her contract. But MLD denied all the claims made in that interview and even demanded an apology from KBS. So as a result, she took the agency to the court.

On 10th October 2021, Daisy partially won the lawsuit which she had filed against MLD Entertainment. The Seoul Central District Court examined the case which had stated that MLD had cut the total production cost among the final 10 participation of ‘Finding Momoland’. Each girl had to be paid $55K (66 million won) by evenly splitting it. As she told in the interview she had been eliminated from the show and after it ended she was brought back. In September 2016 long after the show had ended she had signed the official contract with MLD.

She claimed that it was unfair to cut from her earnings the cost that was incurred before signed with them so she had sued them. The court stated that the contract would only be effective from the date it was signed and this was not customary in the industry. Later it was revealed that MLD had not paid her $10.8K (13 million won)that she had earned from other activities apart from the 55k (66 million won). The total sum the agency had to Daisy reached a whopping 79 million won (approximately $66K).

But hours after the ruling was made public, MLD Entertainment took action and filed an appeal against the case on October 11. The details of the appeal have not been revealed but we can surely assume that they won’t be paying the money that easily which was decided by the court, by bringing up Daisy’s KBS exposé while still under KBS.



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