MOMOLAND Daisy, who eventually dropped out! “A summary of the reasons for leaving

Daisy, who was a member of MLD Entertainment’s girl group ‘MOMOLAND’, eventually left the group and cancelled her contract, just like Taeha.

The “MOMOLAND” fans were expecting this, but the shock was huge.

On November 30, 2019, MLD Entertainment officially announced the departure of “MOMOLAND” members Tae Ha and Yeonu.

However, he told them that he was still talking about Daisy.

His office announced that they are still in mutual talks about Daisy, but recently confirmed the status of his withdrawal from the group.


<MLD Entertainment Official Website>.

The “MOMOLAND” page (before the correction)


The “MOMOLAND” page (corrected)

The group photo of “MOMOLAND” on the official website is the most recent album cover photo released on December 30 last year.

At this time, Daisy did not participate in the comeback effort, but was introduced together as a member of “MOMOLAND.

However, the photo of Daisy was recently removed.

The fact that the photos on the official website have been deleted means that he has terminated his contract with his office and is leaving.

He is expected to make an official announcement before his next comeback.


Daisy’s theories of discord with her office surfaced in February 2019 when it was reported that she and iKON member Song Yoon Hyun were romantically involved.

His office had a rule against romance, but his office found out that he was secretly dating her.

MLD Entertainment made an official announcement to the media admitting their hot love.

However, iKON’s office, YG Entertainment, denied the two people’s enthusiasm theory.

MLD Entertainment was quick to admit that they had a hot love affair, but when YG Entertainment denied it, MLD Entertainment was upset by this and a month later, in March 2019, “MOMOLAND” made a comeback as a seven-piece, excluding members such as Daisy.

At the time, not only Daisy, but also Taeha was removed from the group.

In January of this year, Daisy revealed her intention to resume her activities in May 2019 in an interview with the KBS News program, but then she was left alone for eight months and demanded that her contract be terminated.

However, he claimed that he was told by his office to pay a penalty of 100 million yen.

In addition, Daisy revealed that there was a ranking fabrication for the audition show ‘Looking for Momo Land’ to select the ‘MOMOLAND’ members.

In response to this, his office said, “MOMOLAND had never released an album in Korea during the period Daisy claimed, and after admitting the hot love theory, Daisy’s mother told him that she wanted him to withdraw from MOMOLAND. He countered, “I reported that I would be taking him in the next week.


On the other hand, Tae Ha, who left the group along with Daisy, created an Instagram on the day after the announcement of her departure and is still sharing her current status.

The office seems to have reached an amicable agreement judging that it is not good for the image of the company if the fight continues further with Daisy.

MOMOLAND Daisy, who eventually dropped out! &#8220;A summary of the reasons for leaving

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MOMOLAND Daisy, who eventually dropped out! &#8220;A summary of the reasons for leaving

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