MOMOLAND Nancy legally responds to photo leaks in changing rooms!

MOMOLAND member Nancy has announced that MLD Entertainment, its agency, will legally respond to the leak of voyeur photos of the changing room at the 2019 AAA award ceremony. On the 11th, MOMOLAND Nancy’s changing room voyeur was leaked to the community, but the agency did not respond on the day, but when criticism increased, the legal response was revealed the next day.

The agency said, “Recently, illegally forged photos of our artist Nancy have been disseminated online and on social media.” “Nancy is a victim of voyeurism and composite photography and should be protected with priority. He is exactly Nancy. We regret this matter and ask for your cooperation. ” “Nancy is currently suffering a great deal of trauma,” he said. “I hope that no more malicious notices will harm the artist. We will continue to monitor and cause further damage. We will do our best to protect our artists so that they do not. ”

<History of Nancy voyeur photo leak>

At the time of the “2019 AAA” award ceremony, where MOMOLAND Nancy acted as MC, a hidden camera was installed in the changing room. After receiving transaction information on the leaked photos from overseas Twitter fans, an inquiry email was sent to the agency to reveal the leaked voyeur photos. We released a statement from overseas fans who discovered this incident earlier.


“Hello. We will send a report e-mail about the incident that occurred in 2019, Vietnam is Mary .AAA. Someone who is in the same location seems to Nancy took the photo that is not permitted during the change of clothes. These photos Is disseminated on the internet and is believed to be sold in exchange for uncensored photos. Please take the necessary steps against this. This photo is disseminated on the internet and is often sold. People are looking at this photo. You must take action on this issue as soon as possible. Keep your artists protected and prevent this from happening again. ” It was.


Nancy’s voyeur photo was uploaded to ITZY Discord and was leaked for the first time. ITZY Discord seems to be a community that is membership-based and not open to the general public.


Also, on January 10th, a Nancy voyeur photo was uploaded to a Twitter account called @kpoplewding and spread on SNS.



MOMOLAND won the “2019 AAA” Choice Award at the “2019 AAA” held at the Hanoi Miding National Stadium in Vietnam on January 26, and on that day Nancy was also active as an MC and was able to change clothes. there were.

MOMOLAND and K-POP fans are angry at the crimes leaked by voyeurizing such privacy photos, and MOMOLAND’s agency MLD Entertainment, which shares the hashtag “#OurRainbowNancy” to protect Nancy, is illegal We are calling for not sharing photos.


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