Is K-Drama Mother of Mine Worth Watching ?

Mother of Mine

This show is about a single mother and her 3 adult daughters and their lives. They all go through different hardships and they all go through them together.

The Mother, Park Sun Ja (Kim Hae Sook) is a widow who runs an Ox Bone Soup restaurant with her younger brother (I’m not sure if they’re blood-related based on how he speaks to her). She raised three daughters by herself.

Kang Mi Sun (Yoo Sun) is the eldest daughter. She is married to Jin Soo (Lee Won Jae) with a 6-year-old daughter Da Bin (Joo Ye Rim). They live in the same apartment complex as her in-laws.

Kang Mi Ri (Kim So Yeon) is the adopted daughter. She is actually Sun Ja’s niece. She is a successful director in the marketing division of an apparel company. She ends up working at the same company that her biological mother runs.

Kang Mi Hye (Kim Ha Kyung) is the youngest daughter and writer. She released one hit novel and didn’t write anything after

The people outside Park Sun Ja’s immediate family:

Jeon In Suk (Choi Myung Gil) – Mi Ri’s biological mother and Mi Hye and Mi Sun’s aunt (dad’s younger brother’s wife). She is also the president of the company that Mi Ri works for but she doesn’t recognize her own daughter because she hasn’t seen her in 28 years. She also raised her step-nephew Tae Joo.

Han Tae Joo (Hong Jong Hyun) – Heir to the Hansung group. He starts as an intern in Mi Ri’s department and initially no one knows who he is. He got into the inter-program on his own. He and Mi Ri end up together.

Han Jong Soo (Dong Bang Woo) – Our main villain. The owner of the Hansung group and Tae Joo’s father. He remarried a younger woman, Na Hye Mi (Kang Sung Young) who is out to get everyone and bring her family into the company to take over.

Bang Jae Bum (Nam Tae Boo) – Mi Hye’s ex-boyfriend who is always around. Mi Hye’s family basically considers him part of the family.


This show is very long, 108 episodes about 30 minutes long. It’s a typical daily drama that is very soapy and a lot overacting and a bit dramatic. Some of the things that happened, I kept thinking, “why is that a big deal”? Being Korean myself, it was still hard for me to grasp some of the things that were a big deal. For example, Mi Hye’s boyfriend is divorced and her mom made a huge deal about it. I couldn’t understand. And why does everyone who JUST started dating have to get married?? Also, I still don’t understand why In Suk picked her leech brothers over her daughter. I don’t think any mother would do this.

To be very honest, most of the characters in this show are not likable at all. Kim So Hyun who plays Mi Ri and Kim Hae Sook who plays the mother are the only ones who are likable and keep the show going. Their acting was so good, I cried every time they did. It was a bit refreshing to see Kim So Hyun in a wholesome role as a woman I would look up to, after watching her play the psychopathic Chun Suh Jin in Penthouse.

The eldest daughter Mi Sun is a busy working mom trying to balance the work/home life. She wants to keep her career going but is having a hard time because her daughter is so young. I have an issue with her expecting free childcare from her mom or mother-in-law. In my personal opinion, if you have a child, be thankful for the help you get but don’t feel entitled to it. I was so angry when she lost her shit on her mom because her daughter had a scratch on her forehead. Having a child was her choice. I do feel bad that her husband sucks. He’s another character that was not likable at all. He is completely useless and I wanted Mi Sun to file for divorce the entire show. He does redeem himself at the end but I have no idea why she stayed with him.

The youngest daughter, Mi Hye, is a fucking brat and so irritating. She is 32 years old in the show but acts like she’s 12. She is self-pitying and can’t take criticism for a crappy manuscript after 10 years of not writing anything, she expected it to be good. There was absolutely no redeeming quality about her. She kept telling her ex-boyfriend who was not over her to come to her wedding because he was her only friend. What the hell?

Let’s talk about Bang Jae Bum, this is Mi Hye’s ex who is ALWAYS around. He is close with her entire family. In real life, he is a fucking creepy stalker who looks like a teddy bear. He does not look like a typical predator that is shown in TV shows but his behavior is still equally disturbing. He follows Mi Hye around, enters the publishing company she works for, hangs out with her family without her, and followed her to where her workshop is, and punched her boyfriend. He was supposed to be the likable sweet guy but he was just plain gross.

The actor who played Tae Ju (Hong Jung Hyun) couldn’t act. He was so bad in this show and I felt so bad for Kim So Hyun because she is so amazing. He was also one of the princes in Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo and I haven’t seen him in anything else. He was so pretty and a very sweet character but terrible at acting.

The main villain Na Hye Mi was not threatening at all. I was not worried about her. She was just an unlikeable annoying fly on the show. Her character was so useless to the plot. Any scheme she pulled, had zero impact on anyone’s life.

I can go on about Mi Sun’s mother-in-law, Tae Ju’s father, and so many more terrible characters but I will spare you the details.

The good thing about this show was the strong female leads Sun Ja, Mi Ri, and In Suk. Sun Ja raised three girls by herself and ran a restaurant. The story of love between a mother and her daughter is beautifully conveyed through the story of Sun Ja and her three daughters. She had a special relationship with each of them. She loved them all equally but differently. The Korean name for the show translates to “My Most Beautiful Daughter” but I feel like Mother of Mine is more fitting.

The one scene that really stuck with me is when she gave Mi Hye money in a savings account the day before her wedding that she was keeping for her. She told her to make sure she keeps this money for her and to keep it a secret from her husband. She won’t know what will happen in the future and to hang on to it. Before this scene, they never spoke about their father who passed away when they were young. Sun Ja explained why she started a restaurant. She wanted to make money so her husband would stop looking down on her. This explained why she was so upset when Mi Sun quit her job to take care of her daughter. She told Mi Hye, if she ever wants to leave her husband she can do it without worrying about money. Sun Ja always wanted to make sure that her daughters were equals with their husbands.

This show has its merits but I would not call it a must-watch. It’s definitely not binge-worthy. I actually don’t recommend watching more than 3 episodes per day. It’s more enjoyable when it’s spread out. If you want to watch a good family show that’s light and entertaining, I would recommend My Father is Strange or Once Again over this one. Those two had awesome stories with very likable characters and much better character development.

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