Move to Heaven Season 2: Release Date, Casts

Wondering about the Move to Heaven Season 2 release date, cast and plots? Let’s find out.

Move to Heaven is famous Korean drama which was released by Netflix on May 14, 2021. It is also Netflix original series, this whole drama is about a boy and his family surroundings.

This drama season 1 was is already complete and many fans of it are searching for Move to Heaven Season 2 release.

The main theme of this drama follows this man is suffered from Asperger’s syndrome and about his family.

Netflix’s Move to Heaven – Will The Show Have A Season 2?

After watching the first season of this drama, the main question that will arises on our mind is are we going to get Move to Heaven season 2 or not.

So, will there be Move to Heaven season 2? The simple answer is that there is no any confirmation till now from Netflix and it’s production company side.

If anyway company will plan to create it’s season 2 than we can expect that it will be within next year, but due to pandemic there is still little hope that this drama will get it’s season 2 very soon.

This drama has only 10 episodes, comparing to other Korea drama it looks like this drama production will finish faster than any other Korean dramas.

move to heaven fan reaction

Fans are eagerly waiting for this drama season 2. Many people loved the story line and they are very satisfy with the storyline of this drama.

Personally, I love this K-drama very much. The young boy with a common problem that nowadays, young people face and the way he deal is awesome.

There is also another important character on this series who is also a uncle, his uncle works as trauma cleaners means he clear out the persons who are suffering from possessions of dead.

Move to Heaven Casts

We guess there will be no change in casts of this drama, since the role of main protagonist in this drama is really awesome and the way he does acting is super.

Lee Je-Hoon as Cho Sang-Gu

Tang Joon-Sang as Han Geu-Ru

Hong Seung-Hee as Yoon Na-Mu

Ji Jin-Hee as Han Jeong-U

Did you watch Move to Heaven season 1? How do you feel about it, do you like it and what is your prediction for season 2 just drop it below.

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