Mr. Queen Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Story and Trailer

Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen Season 1 was big hit every casts did the best from their side as well.

This drama was also considered as top best drama in 2021. The double life role was very impressive and very funny as well. Many people around the world has praised this drama and loved it very much.

But the drama was ended quickly, even I was hungry for more season but sadly, it ended so quick. Fans are wondering about when is Mr. Queen Season 2 happening and who will cast, what will happen in season 2.

Mr. Queen is a South Korean drama and it is also a television series that debuted on December 12, 2020 and concluded on February 14, 2021 with 20 episodes in total.

This drama was loved by many viewers around the world and they love every plot, scene of this drama. This drama was directed by Yeon Seong Sik and every script was wrote by Park Kye Ok and Choi A-ll.

This drama is made of interesting story where a middle aged man on modern era soul gets trapped into queen’s body and most funny part is the queen was on Joseon Era. Lol! Many years ago from the modern era. Actually, this drama is based on Chinese drama.

Mr. Queen Season 2 Confirmed or Not?

By now, Mr. Queen has not confirmed yet. There is nothing or no any news from production company side. Since, drama was ended just some time ago, it may take some time to declare the decision about it confirmation.

If you check this drama rating at IMDB than you will see it has 8.8/10 rating which is very impressive.

Many fans of this drama are demanding for season 2 of this drama. Since, this drama is hit it is also came with many problems like this was adapted from Chinese TV show. And it gonna need another new ideas or storyline which looks very hard for a production company to continue. Since, they can’t adapt it from Chinese series again.

We will update you if you we got any information about this show from production company.

Mr. Queen Season 2 Cast

There is a big chance that the Mr. Queen season 2 casts will remain same has the Mr. Queen season 1.

Season 1 was played by Queen Cheorin, Kim So-yong and King Cheoljong, Lee Won-beom and Kim Jung-hyun and many other.

The production company will decide who will be the supporting roles in Mr. Queen, Season 2 based on what they want to do and see happen for this season!

We will update you as soon as there will be any new update from production company soon.

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