My Absolute Boyfriend Ending Explained

“My Absolute Boyfriend” is a drama that first aired in May 2019. Although this series is a Korean TV drama, it can also be viewed in other countries through OTT platforms. Divided into 40 episodes, each episode is 25 to 30 minutes long. The plot revolves around an unusual love story involving humans and robots. Special effects makeup artist Um DaDa has ended a seven-year secret love affair with her lover.

Dada is a special makeup expert who is secretly dating famous actor Wang Jun. She decorates his house and wants him to appear on their 7th anniversary. But when he shows up with his management staff and several journalists, she tries to hide it. Unfortunately she is found.
Instead of giving her all sorts of excuses to say “Guys, that’s my girlfriend” directly from her (she’s my janitor!), she suspects stalking her and calls her police. Enter permanent, an advanced love robot who acts with devoted and unconditional love to its owner.

Sweet, friendly and (of course) amazingly handsome YoungGoo, played by Yeo JinGoo, who was amazing in “The Crowned Clown.” These traits appeal to most people, especially DaDa, who is trampled by a guy she thinks is her soul mate. Although she is initially terrified of YoungGoo (because of the… the robot), she eventually falls in love with him, despite the fact that he is not a human. There was so much nonsense that happened after that, it seems like everyone in his group found out he was a cyborg. There’s also a fantastically terrible side episode with Diana, a psychopathic heiress who loves nothing more than buying and destroying love robots. Hong SeoYoung (“Her Private Life”) shines every time she appears.

Something strange happens as the story progresses and DaDa declares her love for him. YoungGoo begins to exhibit human traits that he wasn’t designed with. For instance, his heartthrobs when he’s near her. While it’s an attempt to mislead viewers into believing that this metal amalgam can legally replace humans, YoungGoo is a man-made product designed to distract women ( or men, as the case may be), not necessarily substitutes.DaDa has accepted that she will age, but her robotic partner will remain a 20-year-old for the rest of her life. When it is discovered that he is malfunctioning and will soon fail completely unless he undergoes surgery that can erase his memory,

What happens at the end?

WangJun has always loved DaDa. He ended their relationship because he had a stalker who threatened to hurt DaDa if he continued to date her. The assailant turned out to be her company’s chief executive officer, who saw her as a liability. Fans will be upset if her top star is not deemed available to cheat fans who want to date WangJun or marry her. (And, in the classic KDrama form, even though the CEO is a lousy job who wants to destroy DaDa and WangJun, he stays in the latter life without any legal separation. Really? Instead of lying to DaDa, WangJun could have saved himself a lot of misery by being honest with her and spending part of his fortune to hire a bodyguard for her (even if for her own safety). But, well, that`s just my opinion.

DaDa has one final chance to see YoungGoo before he is transferred to the manufacturer’s headquarters for disposal (or testing… or something). After she walks away, the camera pans in to see a finger twitch, leaving the question of whether he survives unanswered. In the following image, DaDa is shining a lovely glow on someone walking with her, wearing the same lemon green umbrella YangGu was sheltering from the rain. But Wang Jun had the same umbrella. The last two episodes are difficult to say how long it passes. But she was dressed in the same way because she said she said her last farewell greeting in English. So I was the same day. Wangjun, I think I am a person with an umbrella that just returned from the shoot of the series in the United States. The conclusion is satisfactory, but she will not be lonely, or God would like to marry a new person. She should not solve the relationship with Wangjun as in the past. After all, there are more dating alternatives in the world than ex-boyfriends and robots.

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