My Name Season 2 Release Date, Casts, Spoilers

My Name

Most of us surely watched Squid Game and many of us want to watch more amazing Korean dramas. Well, guess what Netflix has a new amazing  K-drama, “My Name“. This show has gained a lot of benefits from the rise in the consumption of K-dramas on Netflix de to the success of Squid Game.

My Name is an action-packed crime thriller South Korean Netflix Original streaming series. It was directed by Kim Jin-min and written by Kim Ba Da. My name, starring Han So-hee, Park Hee-soon, and Ahn Bo-Hyun, revolves mostly around a woman named Ji-woo (Han So-hee) who joins a gang and infiltrates the Police as an undercover agent to avenge her father’s death. There are altogether eight episodes with a lot of violence and blood.

My Name Season 2 Release date

The way the story ended, it is unlikely to get a second season. There is no official announcement about season 2 as well as the director of the series has expressed no interest in continuing with My Name through another season. similarly, all the cast members are quiet and haven’t revealed anything about season 2.

However, the show has gained a lot of popularity as it has performed extremely well on Netflix all over the world and made its way into the top 10 lists over 80 different countries around the world, spending several days in US and UK top 10 lists. Considering how well the show has performed and support from fans all over the world, Netflix might release the second season of the show. And if the show gets the second season then we could expect the season to be released next year.

But don’t worry because we will keep you updated as soon as any updates regarding the show are revealed.

Cast Members For Season 2

The second season hasn’t been confirmed yet so we can only speculate that the main actress Han So-hee and Kim Sang Ho to return and reprise their role as Yoon Ji Woo and Cha Gi Hoo respectively. Because they are the only ones to survive.

Except for the two, all the cast of the second season of My Name could be new. And if the story were to explore more about Yoon Ji Woo’s father then Yoon Gyung Ho might return as Yoon Dong Hoon, and Park Hee Soon as Mujin.

Expectations from season 2

#Some spoilers ahead.

The story is wrapped up, so much so that it offers an epilogue of the major events. It’s very hard to predict the future of the series as Yoon Ji Woo has completed her revenge by killing the man responsible for her father’s death.

Ji Woo has already learned about her father’s role in the mob as an undercover police officer, and dutifully respects the sacrifice her father made to try and bring don the Dongcheon gang. Detective jeon Pil Do, the person she grew closest to was sadly murdered by Mujin, who is the leader of the Dongcheon gang and the puppet master of her life. However, the plot threat was resolved when Ji Woo kills him.

But, there are some ways the series can continue f a second season were to happen.

Like, she could be reinstated back to police with the help of Cha Gi Ho and work for the narcotics unit once again.

She could also follow the path of her father and go undercover for the police to take down a crime ring elsewhere in South Korea.

Dongcheon gang had ties with Japanese crime organizations so after the death of the leader of the gang new crime rings might rise to fill the power void.

She knew very little about her father so we might expect her to know more about her father from the leader of the Narcotics crime unit Cha Gi Ho. As he is the only person that can educate her on what sort of man her father truly was.

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