Why to Watch My Secret Romance K-Drama?

Original Air Date: April – May 2017


Jin Wook, a son of a chaebol, and Yoo Mi, an aspiring nutritionist have a one-night stand. They run into each other three years later when Jin Wook is running the company and Yoo Mi is hired as the cafeteria nutritionist.

My Review

My Secret Romance is a pure candy fluffy romantic comedy. It is only 14 episodes at about 45 minutes each. But it honestly should have been 10 episodes at 30 minutes each. The first 10 episodes were cheesy cliché-filled goodness. Yes, cue the arrogant jerk chaebol and the kind-hearted innocent poor girl troupe. The plot is very light and the first ten episodes depend heavily on their banter and interactions as Jin Yook puts Yoo Mi through the wringer. I knew I was watching fluff, but I have to say I really did enjoy it. Sometimes a girl just needs the mindless romantic comedy to binge-watch. The problem after episode 10 was that the already “nothing really happening plot” got even ridiculously slower with “nothing happening but past montages plot.” Seriously, I think a full two episodes were nothing but flashbacks to past scenes. And that’s saying a lot because they already had some montages in the first 10 episodes. I was reading somewhere that they had an unexpected episode the writers had to fill when it aired live and it was only supposed to be 13 episodes. But even then, the writers should have actually written something or told the network no! The last four episodes were really difficult to get through and I pretty much-cleaned house and played games on my phone while it was on.

Aside from the plot/montage issue, I thought the main couple had good chemistry. I recognized the lead male, Sung Hoon as the ultimate fighter in Oh My Venus. His body is still on point in this drama! He was able to be both cute and sexy in his role. Song Ji Eun (formerly with the group Secret) was the lead female and was a little more one-note in her wide-eyed innocent or maybe scared-looking half the time. When she played her character with a little more spunk, I did enjoy her acting better.

As for the supporting cast, my favorite was Jin Wook’s assistant, Jang Woo Jin. He played his character with such a deadpan humor and was a great counter to Jin Wook. I loved that he was willing to put Jin Wook in his place and cut him down. I also loved that although his suits were terrible, he owned them with pride and showed off his inner personality.

Assistant Jang PC: kjtamusings

The rest of the cast fell into the cliché roles. The best friend to Yoo Mi was the really nice and caring guy who was friend-zoned, the second lead female was jealous and wouldn’t take no for an answer, and the chaebol father wouldn’t accept a commoner like Yoo Mi to marry his son. Yoo Mi’s mom was different in the sense that she was a former adult movie star and was open about sex and love. Her character though was hard to like because she was too horrible of a mother to not understand the bullying her daughter endured and her impact on her daughter’s life.

Overall, I did enjoy watching (the first 10 episodes of ) My Secret Romance. Although it was filled with troupes and cheesiness, I thought the onscreen banter and chemistry was fun to watch. I did enjoy it was a different setup with a one-night stand. The supporting cast was hit or miss and in general, was rather one-note to play their roles. However, I have to knock my rating down a notch because of the ridiculous amount of montages and unnecessary draggy last 4 episodes.

Final Opinion: If you got nothing else to watch

I don’t usually comment on the soundtrack, but I must say their theme song was really catchy and I couldn’t help but bounce along and hum to it every time it came on.

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