NCT 127 Sticker Pre-Orders Hit 1.32M in 24 hours

NCT 127

NCT has managed to get 1.32 Million album sales under 24 hours for its new album ‘Sticker’.

This year is the best year for NCT because it hit more than a million albums sales making a lot of money and also record. By these sales, it made NCT a three million times album seller. Their album was also at the top of the chart and their album name is ‘Hot Sauce’ and ‘Hello Future’.

Besides, this NCT 127 Loveholic also made themselves the best-selling artist in Japan billboard with millions of sales. NCT was also recognized and awarded by the Japan recording industry known as RIAJ.

After this much success, the NCTzens were waiting and looking for the response of their new album ‘Sticker’ but it also made million of sales within a 24 hours.


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NCT 127 album ‘Sticker’ was sold for million times

SM Entertainment’s NCT 127 made their fourth album ‘Sticker’ which made a million sales which were released on September 17 but the pre-order of the album was started from early August 2020.

This was a massive milestone for any Kpop band because making a million views is easy on YouTube but it is really hard for any band to get 1 million+ sale in the album.

Whereas, their previous album ‘Neo Zone’ was also one of the best-selling albums in 2020 but the fans have hoped that this album will make more than their previous one it has already made more than 1 million in 24 hours.

New trends #NCT127STICKER_MillionSeller

After NCT made this much record the fans of NCT made a new trend on the internet with ‘#NCT127STICKER_MillionSeller’ and ‘#STICKER_1MillionPreOrders’ to support and congratulate the idols.

Also, the happy and real fans of NCT 127 did lots of giveaways like albums and T-shirts for other fans.

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