NCT mark, dating theory emerged! Who is the rumored new actress Kim Shi-eun?

Like NCT member Jaemin, whose dating theory has emerged with the actress of the other web drama in the past, this time NCT member Mark is dating a new actress who played a couple in a short drama.


The name of the actress who is said to be Mark’s girlfriend is Kim Shi-eun. Mark and I acted together in a SuperM short drama broadcast in September 2020. The two were born in 1999 and are 22 years old this year. The height is 175 cm for Mark and 165 cm for Kim Shi-eun, and if you are a couple, the height difference is just right and the debut time is the same in 2016.

◈ Who is the new actress Kim Shi-eun?

He made his debut on the educational broadcast “Tonton, Tonton, Bonnie Honey”. Although he was not selected as the MC of the program, he appeared for about 6 months from November 2016 because of his ability to proceed with the program. After that, the program was dropped in May 2017 in preparation for the university entrance examination.

Kim Shi-eun’s current agency is Keyeast, but in December 2018 he transferred from H Star Company to Keyeast and signed an exclusive contract.


In 2018, he was the MC of “Live Broadcast Pandada” on the educational broadcast EBS, but in January 2019, he dropped out to concentrate on acting activities.

Kim Shi-eun’s recent appearance was in the JTBC drama “Run-on” starring Siwan and Shin Se-kyung as a high school girl “Ko Ye-chan”.

The reason why the dating theory between NCT Mark and Kim Shi-eun emerged is that tvN “Wishing Street”, which includes SuperM’s wish list, started broadcasting on September 25th. Kim Shi-eun shot a short drama with NCT members Ten and Mark. Kim Shi-eun put a watermelon stamp on Instagram, but Kim Shi-eun’s friends argued that it was annoying when NCT fans demanded that the watermelon stamp be removed.


And on September 14, before the drama broadcast, Kim Shi-eun added the following emoji to Instagram.

“Dancing man + autumn leaves”, autumn leaves mean Canada, a symbol of Canada = Mark nationality.

All members of NCT except Mark used the iPhone. Mark, who has been using a Galaxy mobile phone for a long time, said he did not switch to an iPhone despite the invitation of the members. However, on November 12, 2020, after switching to the iPhone 12 Pro couple phone, a bubble announced this.

The meal video was updated to Channel NCT on November 4, 2019 at Mark and Utah’s Cheongdam-dong restaurant in Seoul. Kim Shi-eun released a photo taken at the same restaurant as Mark on the 24th of 2011. It is suspected that the two were in the same restaurant on the same day.

Kim Shi-eun seems to be aware of the dating theory with Mark, and deleted all related photos from Instagram, including the watermelon stamp allegedly evidence.


Mark and Kim Shi-eun’s dating theory is exactly the same as Jaemin’s. Jaemin also came up with a dating theory with a new actress who shot a web drama ahead of his comeback. At that time, the rabbit stamp, this time the watermelon stamp, is different.

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