NCT Ten Launches Perfume Brand?

There is a rumor that NCT member Ten will launch a perfume brand with his sister. It is a fact that NCT fans know that Thai nationality Ten, who made his debut at NCT U in 2016, has always been interested in perfumes.

An Instagram was the catalyst for the rumor that NCT Ten launched a new perfume brand. Recently, a mystery Instagram and Twitter account called @enleeofficial was opened. The Instagram has already reached 33,000 followers.

The first bulletin posted on March 18 was a sketch photo of the English text with the brand logo “ENLEE”. NCT Ten has a talent for painting, and his Instagram shows his talent immediately. So, did Ten draw the sketch logo in this photo?

A photo of the perfume was also uploaded, but the brand name is “EN · LEE”. It is speculated that this name was made by combining the common letters en of Ten and Tern, as well as LEE, which is the family name of Ten and his sister.




A younger sister, three years younger than Ten, who was born in 1996, also uploaded a logo sketch photo to her Instagram story, but the photo was deleted.




Ten of the sister Atto Enleeofficial official in Star grams were also followers. Atto Enleeofficial official in Star grams was also follow the two Ten and sister, but un-follow and growing interest of NCT fan, is currently the number of follow-up was to 0 people. Looking at this content alone, I think Ten and his sister will launch a new perfume brand, but there are some concerns. Ten is an active member of NCT, and his agency SM Entertainment is famous for not allowing active idols to do other business. In the end, Ten secretly launched a perfume brand without the permission of his agency.

Once JYJ who left the Dong Bang Shin Ki agency started business of cosmetics without the permission of, the agency has been known and was fired from.


Ten revealed the truth at a live fan meeting on this matter. Ten said that it was his sister who launched the perfume brand and that he was acting as an advisor. If Ten was actually involved in the launch of the perfume brand, he would have been sanctioned by his agency. NCT fans don’t have to worry.

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