NCT Winwin, crossing shoulders with female friends & smoking on the street!

NCT Chinese member Winwin made headline again two weeks ago when the Chinese media talked about the recent situation.

Regarding the situation at that time, the Chinese media said that NCT Winwin had a meal at a cafeteria, but went inside with a girl friend in front of the entrance of the restaurant.

After the meal, I went to the escape game cafe with my two female friends. After that, I put my girlfriend in the car and saw her off late.

Winwin, alone, smoked on the street.


After smoking, I stepped on the cigarette with my foot, then dumped the cigarette butt in the trash can and drove home.

Two weeks ago, the Chinese media talked about Winwin’s appearance with two female friends. Win-win went to the VR arcade after the meal. After seeing off the two female friends, the camera caught him smoking a win-win cigarette.

After media coverage, Winwin posted an apology message on the Lysn app bubble around 4am on April 17th. WINWIN wrote, “NCT members spent time eating with friends of Chinese opera after the quarantine. I’m sorry to worry the fans, and I’m careful not to bother you from now on.” ..



However, Winwin repeated the same action two weeks later. After having a meal with two female friends, I went to the game center, saw off the female friends, and then smoked on the street.




Winwin became a hot topic when NCT fans were worried about smoking even though he posted an apology. Fans commented that they wanted them to stop smoking for their own health.\

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