NCT Winwin talks about cigarettes with women in China!

Chinese media recently reported that NCT member Win-Win was filmed as he went out with two women. According to some internet users, the two women were friends at a win-win school and they got together for a supper.

<Win-win profile>


▶Real name: D̆ng Sīchéng

▶Date of Birth: October 28, 1997

▶Age: 25 years old

▶Nationality: China

▶Height: 180 cm

▶Affiliation office: SM Entertainment

▶Affiliation group: NCT, NCT 127, NCT U, WayV

▶Position: Lead dancer, sub-rapper, sub-vocal

▶Debut: 2016 NCT 127 Mini Album

Of the 23 NCT members, there are five Chinese (Kun, Winwin, Xiaojun, Renjun, Chenle).


According to Chinese media, Winwin went out late into the night with two unknown women.


After going to the cafeteria and eating, he went to the VR arcade and played games for hours.



The party watched every move and the two women went to the arcade after eating together.


Then, parting from the two women, on the way back, Winwin sat on the bench and smoked after getting out of the car. Win Win is an adult, so smoking is no problem. However, smoking of NCT members has recently become a hot topic, and many fans are worried about smoking.

Recently, Jungwoo was caught in the camera smoking a cigarette.


Lucas became a hot topic when he put a cigarette in his pocket during V LIVE live streaming.


Fans are worried about privacy breaches due to the over-the-top media coverage of idols who are monitored every move. It’s not a problem for adults to smoke, but many fans want to quit smoking for their health.

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