Netflix hit series ‘Squid Game’ earns nearly $900 million USD since its release

Squid Game

Squid Games has become a global phenomenon as it has gained a lot of popularity and success around the world.

Bloomberg News has announced on October 16 that Netflix has earned $891.1 million USD in impact value since its release. They had a massive profit as the OTT service earned more than forty times what they had originally invested. The show had only cost $21.4 million USD to produce. Each episode cost about $2.4 million USD to make. It might sound costly but it’s nothing compared to Netflix investing $8 million USD for each episode of ‘Stranger Things’ and $10 million USD for each episode of ‘The Crown’.

According to internal documents, it is reported that 132 million people have watched ‘Squid Game’ for more than two minutes straight within the first 23 days after its release. 89% of these viewers have watched at least one episode and 66% or 87 million people have binge-watched through to the last episode.

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