Netflix hit series ‘Squid Game’ viewers fall in love with Anupam Tripathi aka Ali

Ali aka Anupam Tripathi

Korean drama Squid Game is the hit Korean dramas of all time, lots of viewers of this drama have appreciated the drama storyline and the acting of actors.

Those who are suffering from financial issues like debt and no way to recover it were the players and victims of this game, those who will win the game will receive a massive sum of prizes which is very much enough to live a luxurious life and pay all their debts as well.

But the prize comes with no ease because players need to risk their lives in order to win the game or they also need to kill their teammates. In this game, we can see the real face behind the cute and handsome faces of players.

With high tension and pressure the there are also some players who are made of warm-heart and never lose their compassion as well as kindness. And one of them was Ali, who is a Pakistani immigrant who came to Korea with his family in order to make his future secure and earn money. Ali was also facing discrimination in his workplace where he was not getting paid by the owner of the garage where he used to work.

Many people are interested to know more about Ali because he got died in the middle of the season. So, the real name behind Ali is Anupam Tripathi who is an Indian actor and started his acting career in 2006.

Later, he moved to Korea in 2010 because his friends invited him to attend the Korea National University of Arts (KARTs) with a scholarship. Over there he started his hustle and also did many small roles in some movies as well as dramas.

His dream of being a famous actor is now getting more and more close because the number of viewers of Squid Game has increased massively and almost all of those who watched this drama have appreciated the role of Ali.

Also, many netizens have shared their experience being encountered with Anupam Tripathi on subways and on many places. One netizen explained, “He’s super kind and friendly, having no problem making friends even though he’s foreign. He’s also exceptionally good at cooking. I saw him a lot at the cafeteria when I lived in the dorms.”

Other netizens added, “Several people said I liked his character, “He did an excellent job as an actor,” and “He’s kind in real life, too.”

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