Netizens believe AI character Nævis in aespa’s ‘Savage’ and ELRIS’s Bella look alike

Nævis and ELRIS's Bella

aespa recently made a comeback music video ‘Savage’, where they continued the trip to Kwangya to conquer the evil force, the “Black Mamba”. The visuals in the music video were mesmerizing and we get to see their hard work and dedication put into making the music video, from their latest ‘Savage’ camerawork guide video for creators. Naturally, many fans would pay attention to every single detail of the music video and particularly they noticed that AI character Nævis had undergone a great improvement in terms of visuals in the “Savage” MV.

Many wondered if this character resembled someone in real life or what would it look like if it was a real person.

And some would answer its ELRIS’s Bella. Netizens commented “I see Navis in her”, “She’s basically Navis!”, “Navis is hands down the prettiest æ-character, but this idol looks like Navis and she’s so pretty!”, “Her hair adds to the resemblance a little bit, but wow she’s so pretty”, “It’s the real-life Navis!”, “I think she looks like Navis”, “But why is Navis prettier than the æ-aespa members”, and more.

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