Nevertheless, Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Casts


Are you wondering about the K-Drama Nevertheless season 2 release date, plot, or casts? If so, then in this article we are going learn about this drama’s upcoming news in detail.

This drama is based on Naver Webtoon with the name Nevertheless, this drama was directed by Kim Ga-ram and Jung Won. And the story is based on these two young who are attracted to each other but when it comes to living in a relationship they started to have reservations.

Both of them has their own reservations and problem which made a lot of obstacles in their relationship. This show was first premiered in June 2021 on JTBC and later on Netflix.

Many viewers of this show have praised the drama and they also like the storyline which seems similar to lots of people’s love stories. The love story angle in this show looks completely different and amazing which is what I found to enjoy the most.

Nevertheless Season 2 Release Date

Nevertheless, season 1 was released in June 2021 on Netflix and it ran for almost 2 months. Each episode of this drama is about 1 hour long and there is no confirmation about the drama season 2 release date from a production company and Netflix.

But lately, this show review is getting a of criticism as well as negativeness has spread in Korea but still, there is a huge chance that this show will come back.

This show started to get filming in March 2021 and it took nearly 3 months to finalize this drama and to get released.

Nevertheless, Season 2 Casts

As per the report, there will be no change in casts if there will be season 2 of this drama because the cast seems positive and they are almost sure to get into the next season of this show.

  1. Park Jae Kong as Song Kang
  2. Yoo Na-bi as Han So-Hee
  3. Yang Do-Hyeok as Chae Jong-Hyeop
  4. Yoon Seol-ah as Lee Yul-Eum
  5. Oh Bit-na as Yang Hye-ji
  6. Yoon Sol as Lee Ho-Jung
  7. Seo Ji-Wan as Yoon Seo-ah

But in July 2021, the actor’s personal life issues made them involved in controversy, which made JTBC cut Kim Min-gwi from this drama.

Nevertheless, Season 2 Plot

Na-bi and Jae-eon break up at the end of the first season, at the time Na-bi was at the time of her exhibition but she was not able to take her mind away from Jae-eon.

While Do-hyeok tries to get close to Na-bi, but he finds that she is still in love with Jae-eon and her mind is still connected to Jae-eon.

The couple tries to get back in the relationship but still, there are some issues. So, in the upcoming season we will be sure that there are some more interesting stories about the couple.

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