Nick Cannon Doesn’t Remember Why His Beef with Eminem Started And Thinks He’s Won

Nick Cannon recently discussed his past feud with Eminem on The Bootleg Kev Podcast, revealing a unique perspective. He referred to Eminem both derogatorily and as the GOAT, seeing no contradiction in this.

Cannon emphasized that the feud was primarily a media strategy to promote his show, Wild N’ Out, and that it successfully boosted its popularity.

He also commented on the Eminem and MGK beef, asserting his own victory over Eminem due to Eminem’s lack of response to his disses. Cannon admitted to exploiting the situation for publicity and financial gain.

Despite Eminem’s track “Lord Above” containing specific disses against Cannon, Cannon seemed to have a vague memory of the lyrics. This lack of clarity suggests that Cannon’s motive for the feud was more about self-promotion than genuine offense.

Even though his efforts were seen as embarrassing by some in the hip-hop community and were mocked on shows like Saturday Night Live, Cannon maintains that he “won” the battle, mainly because Eminem did not respond directly to his disses.

Cannon also spoke about Eminem’s legacy in hip-hop, acknowledging him as one of the greatest, especially in storytelling and flow. However, he critiqued Eminem’s punchlines and compared him unfavorably to Drake in terms of song-making ability.

Despite this, Cannon admits to being overly excited about engaging with Eminem, a sentiment he feels MGK shared in their respective feuds with the rap icon. For Cannon, the primary goal was always to garner attention, which he believes he successfully achieved.

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