Niziu, “Make you happy” Views 100 million times Compare the breaking speed with Korean idols!

The predebut song “Make you happy” by Niziu, a 9-member Japanese girl group born in the joint audition program “Nizi Project” by JYP Entertainment and SONY MUSIC, exceeded 100 million YouTube views on August 31st.

▶Niziu – Make You Happy

▶ MV release date: June 30, 2020

▶ 100 million views achieved: August 31, 2020

▶ Time required to achieve: 62 days

The pre-debut song topped 100 million times for the first time in 62 days. How fast is this record? I compared Niziu’s record with Korean idol.

The debut song that the world’s fastest MV has exceeded 100 million views is “DALLA DALLA” by girls group ITZY.



▶ MV release date: February 11, 2019

▶ 100 million views achieved: April 8, 2020

▶ Time taken to achieve: 57 days

Niziu, who defeated ITZY by 5 days and passed the shortest debut time of 100 million times, and finished second.

*By the way, the shortest playback time of the male idol debut song has exceeded 100 million views. It was X1 – “FLASH”, and it exceeded 100 million views for the first time in 334 days.

Niziu sent a message with gratitude to fans in commemoration of the number of views of “Make you happy” MV over 100 million.

Nowadays, Niziu is so popular that many fans in their teens and 20s are switching from TWICE to Niziu.

Nizi project is the first popular search term for JC/JK in the first half of 2020.

The Nizi project is 100% successful, and is expected to make a big hit in Japan if it officially debuts in November.

On September 12, Niziu’s Japanese music program appearance was confirmed. In the 8th “THE MUSIC DAY 2020”, Niziu will be scheduled to appear during the prime time from 8am to 9pm. The song is “Maky you happy”.

I am looking forward to seeing how far Niziu, who is expected to play an active role in the future, will set a new record.


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