Now We Are Breaking Up – I May Need to Break Up With This Show

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This show did not live up to the hype. It’s pretentious and the characters don’t hold my interest. Lastly, the main couple, their story is so messy. In my opinion, it’s unresolvable messy. It hurts me so much because I love Jang Ki Yong and only wish him all of the success in the world.

The Plot

Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) is a designer for a domestic label, Sono and she meets a photographer, Yoon Jae Gook (Jang Ki Yong) in Paris and has a one-night stand. They meet again in Busan and through a series of coincidences and events, they end up working together.

Young Eun leads the Sono division of a larger clothing company, the One. This company is run by Young Eun’s best friend’s father. Hwang Chi Sook (Choi Hee Seo) is a useless spoiled brat and one of Young Eun’s tasks is to keep her in line and report everything to her father. Chi Sook’s father paid for Young Eun to study in Paris and uses this to keep Young Eun as Chi Sook’s babysitter.

Jae Gook keeps pursuing Young Eun despite knowing that she is his dead brother’s girlfriend. The fall in love and the story is currently still going on.


Now We Are Breaking Up poster

Okay…. WTF?? His dead older brother’s girlfriend? No. That’s just one of those lines you can’t cross. I understand that his brother died 10 years earlier but there is a certain yuck factor I can’t get over. Maybe I’m passing too much judgment. This is the one drama that I’m siding with the parents and don’t think they’re being unreasonable.

None of the supporting characters stood out to me. They were mostly likable but I’ve seen better.

Song Hye Kyo is physically probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen on TV. I grew up watching her, Kim Tae Hee, and Jun Ji Hyun on TV and thought the three of them were equally beautiful. They are around the same age and all three have created a new beauty standard for 40-year-old women.

She is the worst actress on Korean TV. Someone needs to tell her that long pauses in speech do not count as acting. I don’t know if she just doesn’t try because she gets by on her looks but there are so many beautiful Korean women who can actually act. When I see her in a show, it tells me that the show is likely looking to make money and not necessarily a great show. All of the sponsors follow her because she is a household name.

She makes me feel nothing. She had two particular scenes in the show that were supposed to be emotional. The first one was when she went to Jae Gook’s house and his mother left his older brother’s room open for her to see. Judging from the music and how Jae Gook’s mother was speaking to her, it should have been a deeply emotional scene. The second scene that she failed miserably at was when her mother went into Jae Gook studio and said a whole bunch of nasty things to him. Her mother was crying and telling him, how Young Eun worked so hard to get to where she is now and she can not just give her to a bastard. Again, nothing. I’m convinced for any crying scenes she uses eye drops so her nose doesn’t turn red.

This is definitely not one of Jang Ki Yong’s best performances either. I honestly think he is uncomfortable around Song Hye Kyo and it shows up in his acting. He does not have an expressive face but his soulful eyes tell the story and he knows how to control the general mood of the set and he’s proven this in Search www, Come and Hug Me, and My Mister. His interactions with her were not as hot as I was hoping for. Yet, when he was arguing with his brother’s ex-fiancée in the parking lot, I felt his rage. I did some of the subtitles for one of the scenes episodes and he looked uncomfortable. He was hunched over a lot and laughing nervously. It could be because he is the youngest one on the set and got partnered with a beauty legend.

There was no chemistry between the two leads and it was uncomfortable to watch them. They’re basically just fighting with everyone so they can love each other. No one wants to see them together because she dated his older brother. That is literally their only obstacle.

Jae Gook’s mom keeps going on about how she thinks of him as her own son even though he was born from an affair. Yet she has no issue telling everyone that she did not give birth to him. In their house, she has a photo of herself and Jae Gook’s older brother but no photo of her and Jae Gook. She seems to pretend to care for him for some reason.

Young Eun’s friend Chi Sook is a useless asshole. She is so selfish and lets Young Eun take the heat for her at work. Does her father expect Young Eun to pick up after her for the rest of her life?

In conclusion, this show doesn’t have anything salvageable. Watch it if you just want to watch good-looking people move their lips.

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