October to be ruled by top K-pop releases: with IU, CL, bugAboo, and Secret Number

Top K-pop girl group

October is going to be all about Women of K-pop as Blackpink’s Lisa set the tone by dominating all the global charts with her solo debut months ago and which is still continuing to break new records every day. JYP Entertainment’s TWICE also set the tone straight for October with their first al-English song ‘The Feels’. Their song topped many charts and made their hot debut on Billboards Hot 100 Chart at #10 for the week of 16th October 2021.

ITZY is currently dominating the music show with its back-to-back wins. The future of K-pop has already made history as they have the most music show wins among the fourth generation groups with 41 wins. In October we will be able to see the powerful releases with K-pop soloists and rookie groups making a comeback., as well as the debut of rookie group among other female comebacks.


IU sets the tone with ‘ Strawberry Moon’

By taking the lead, K-pop super soloist IU sets the tone for the rest of the year. Seven months after releasing her last release in March 2021, IU will finally make her comeback as per the report. IU is ready to set the tone for fall 2021 with her digital single ‘Strawberry Moon’. It is reported that the single will be released on 19th October at 12 AM KST to mark the 13th anniversary of her debut in the K-pop industry.

IU has already begun posting teaser images on her social media account for her new single. She is seen sitting on top of a scoop of strawberry ice cream in a black dress by holding two strawberry ice cream cones in her hand at the official cover photo of the single. From the poster of the song, we can probably guess that the concept of the song may be a fairy tale that shows her free-spirited charm as well as one that will bring out a  romantic atmosphere as she provides dreamlike imagery from the poster which you can check out below.

CL with her first studio album

One of the most influential and second-generation powerhouse idols CL, who is also a former member of the YG Entertainment’s 2NE1, will release her album ‘Alpha’. It is her first studio album which is produced by her own label “Very Cherry”. The full-length album consists of 11 songs. It is her first full-length work as a solo artist since her career debut in 2007. The final release of her album will be on October 20 at 1 PM KST while several singles of the albums are pre-released.

She is regarded as one of the most influential figures to help spread Hallyu (Korean Wave). This is all because of her experimentation across music styles as well as her live performance. She had started pursuing a solo career in 2015 with the album ‘Hello Bitches’. This year has been very special for her a she made her MET Gala debut wearing an Alexander Wang outfit, making her one of two Koreans to make an appearance on the red carpet.

Don’t miss the new release of Rookie Girl Groups

This month we will be seeing the releases from rookie groups like Blackswan. It is a four-member girl group that made its debut in 2020 with its first full album ‘Goodbye Rania’. They are under DR Entertainment and this time around they will be releasing their first single album ‘Close to Me’ on 14th October 2021.

The next rookie group that is making a comeback with their third single album is the rookie group Secret Number. It is a five-member girl group that made its debut with its first single album ‘Who Dis?” on 19th May 2020. They are under VINE Entertainment and they will be releasing their third single album ‘Fie  Saturday’ on 27th October 2021.

The third rookie group that will release its debut single album is bugAboo. It is a six-member girl group that recently made its grand debut in October 2021. They are under A Team Entertainment and they will be releasing their first single album on 25th October 2021.

Finally pop duo Davichi will also be releasing their new single ‘My First Love’ on 18th October 2021. This will mark their 13th anniversary in the K-pop industry as they debut with the single “I Love You Even Though I Hate You” in 2008.


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