OH MY GIRL Seung Hee criticism rap, TANK “Suni” lyrics translation and agency support!

Producer and singer TANK released Diss Track “Suni” on their YouTube channel on the 8th. The song “Suni (Diss Track)” contains malicious lyrics that “innocent idol” is not really. I painted the idol face of the cover image black, but I immediately knew who the idol of the cover image was.


OH MY GIRL’s Seung Hee uses photos taken by Korean media Dispatch. TANK admitted that the idol who criticized the fan’s question with lyrics was Seung Hee.

<Contents of the criticized “Suni” lyrics>

She always looks pure on TV

Toshihide’s bright and enthusiastic laughter

But it’s clear that she also knows the actual situation

It seems sober that all human beings are dirty

Even if she goes to celebrate her move, she only buys her own coffee

Others prepare gifts, only this child does not bring anything

Once you say it’s not polite

Make an excuse that you are a gift

A woman who loved other men even if she had a boyfriend

A woman who casually receives a bag of hundreds of thousands of yen

If you tell me that you wouldn’t normally do that with a boyfriend

If you don’t have the ability, why don’t you do it?

What you are saying is not wrong, you are living very logically

I can see that only I know

Even though I appear on TV, I do nothing

Someone tell me why I gave the one prize

But even if you don’t have the ability, your career is the most gorgeous

Class A XXXX from the first boyfriend

Buy a luxury condominium to live with yourself

And for 4 months, really … a lot

But what was really good was XX of XX

Create new technology from your fingers

That child who puts this on chicken while eating chicken is also amazing

Then broadcast for adults like an old man show

I hate fans even if I want to make money

I hate fans who give me 10 million yen every quarter

When asked why it was too easy and disappointing

It ’s just a miracle, even if it ’s stinky and ugly.

Do you have a delusion? It’s not my medical certificate

By the way, you guys are constantly saying, “That madman can’t be.”

I don’t want to break the illusion

The impression will be a little more painful than I imagined.

When is your boyfriend’s marriage after the two families have met?

I’ll call me and sing this song as a congratulatory song

You sang such a national anthem

I will be released here again innocently

TANK incorporates the male idols, fan deceptions, and off-color humors that Seung Hee has encountered in the past into the inferrable naked lyrics, and it is said that other characters appearing in the lyrics have a good idea.

Also, in the column to see more of the video, “I forgot to say that Mr. Song Ha-young of fromis_9 did not say hello in the bathroom. But … ”


On the other hand, Oh My Girl’s agency made an official announcement saying, “Seung Hee and the composer TANK are seniors and juniors of Korean Arts High School, and the relationship between seniors and juniors in the industry.” I want to clarify the point of being a victim of the disaster. ” According to Seung Hee’s agency, on December 7, 2020, TANK sent a message to his junior, Seung Hee, that he would commit suicide along with the contents of his suicide note. I went to where I was.

However, after this incident, TANK gave an excessive meaning and unilaterally courted him by sending a message that he was obsessed with Seung Hee. TANK said his feelings were unacceptable and sent a threatening message to Seung Hee, who complained of serious panic disorder for about three months in psychiatric distress and anxiety, successfully scheduling. When Seung Hee disconnected, TANK published Seung Hee related videos and photos on his SNS and YouTube.


On the other hand, Seung Hee’s agency said, “Our company is silent about distorting the truth as if it were the perpetrator, even though Seung Hee, the artist he belongs to, is the victim. “We have decided that we cannot do it,” he said. “We are proceeding with all civil and criminal legal measures, including the dissemination of false facts, threatening crimes, and infringement of personality rights. And we plan to take strict measures. ”

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