OH MY GIRL TANK released a private video of Seung Hee, I’m not a stalker!

Music producer and singer TANK, who is suspected of stalking OH MY GIRL Seung Hee, has released a private video of Seung Hee on his YouTube channel this time.

<TANK YouTube channel>

A total of three short videos showed Seung Hee showing acne, eating pears, and saying it was stressful.

TANK revealed on his Instagram and YouTube why he released Seung Hee’s private video.

This video is uploaded to prove the following four.

Ⓐ A counterargument to the hoax that I stalked Hyun Seung Hee. No one would send such a video to a stalker.
Ⓑ Evidence that Hyun Seung-hee was close to me. I have never lied.
Ⓒ Hyun Seung-hee talks to me directly and it’s over. On the internet where everyone can see.
Ⓓ A lie that I have a delusion by myself in the photo I received at the official Miracle Cafe. All the photos I posted on Instagram were taken directly by Seung Hee.

TANK claims that he released Seung Hee’s private footage at the OH MY GIRL fan cafe where I stocked Seung Hee and forced him into a panic disorder. I was told that the photos I uploaded would be less credible, so I will publish a video that only I really have. Make a judgment by looking directly. What kind of woman sends such a video to a stalker? The members of OH MY GIRL and the representatives of the fan cafe, who have tolerated seeing the fans rampaging, also clarified the reason for the release.

And TANK said “Thank you so far” a few hours ago, and I’m not a stalker. He said something that hinted at suicide to prove it. Last time, TANK sent a message to Seung Hee and his high school classmates, along with the contents of his suicide note, saying, “I will commit suicide in a few minutes and put a knife on my desk.”

In response to TANK’s message, Seung Hee fans criticized that “TANK has put pressure on Seung Hee in the same way before, and this time he is putting pressure on Seung Hee by mentioning suicide.”

It was revealed that the rap that TANK criticized Seung Hee was the same as Seung Hee’s friend, Seung Hee, 10 years ago.

Seung Hee’s high school classmate, Suong, revealed that he was in the same class as Seung Hee from the first grade to the third grade. When Suon was in the 1st grade, he went out with a senior in the 2nd grade and introduced TANK whose boyfriend was a senior in the 2nd grade. Since I was a senior of my boyfriend, I decided to break up with my boyfriend while I was getting along well. I had a hard time breaking up with my boyfriend. At that time, TANK supported me a lot and gave me advice on music, so I got in touch with him more often.

Later, TANK said he liked me and tried skinship, but I declined. Then TANK put my name in the song he wrote and composed and wrote in the lyrics what he did to me. He said he was very scared and frightened. In addition, Seung said, “I do not reflect on what TANK did 10 years ago, and now it seems that Seung Hee is suffering from TANK more than he is, and he reveals the fact that he will help Seung Hee even a little. Was posted.

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