One Spring Night Season 2 Release Date, Casts and Plot

One Spring Night

Most of us are romantic fanatics as Korean films have played a notable role during our growing-up years. We were full of emotions while watching such romantic films. Well, Korean films are popular worldwide but the Korean shows aren’t that behind as well.

One Spring Night‘ is one such Korean Show that has quickly gained a significant global following. This show tells a story about a couple residing in Korea, where they must consider the future together and think about marriage as they have reached that stage in their relationship. They start appreciating and understanding their bond in a whole new way when they stand at this crossroad. A librarian aged about 30 named Lee Jung falls in love falls in love with a pharmacist with a warm heart named Yoo Ji Hoo. The show tells the story of their journey.

The director of this show is Ahn Pan Suk who is a renowned director for his multiple realistic dramas about love and emotions. The writer of the show is Kim Eun. It is a must-watch show for romance fans.

One Spring Night Casts

All the casts of the next season are not confirmed but we can expect some casts to be in the next season as well which is given below.


Actor Character Age Description
Han Ji-min Lee Jeong-in 35 Librarian
Jung Hae-in Yoo Ji-ho 35 Pharmacist
Kim Jun-Han Kwon Gi-Seok 38 Banker


Actor Character Age Description
Im Sung-eon Lee Seo-in 36 Jeong-in’s eldest sister and a broadcasting announcer.
Joo Min-kyung Lee Jae-in 30 Jeong-in’s youngest sister and a university student.
Song Seung-hwan Lee Tae-Hak 61 Jeong-in’s father and Soo Young High School principal.
Gil Hae-Yeon Shin Hyeong-Seon 60 Jeong-in’s mother and a housewife.
Lee Sang-hee Song Yeong-Joo 35 Jeong-in’s colleague at the library and friend.

We can also assume that there will be even more characters added  in the sequel part of this series

One Spring Night Season 2 release date

The second season of this show hasn’t been officially confirmed but the second season of this series will be renewed soon. We can hope that season 2 will be released after renewal. A lot of fans are waiting for season 2 so the chances of getting another season are very high. There is a very slim chance that another season will be released this year. But don’t worry because as soon s the official announcement is made we will update this section.

Plot Lines of One Spring Night

The series mainly revolves around Lee Jung-in who is a librarian and in a 4-year relationship with the banker Kwon Gi-Seok. But when she meets a warm-hearted pharmacist and also a single dad named Kwon Gi-Seok from the same university who graduated a year later than Kwon Gi-Seok, she sees love and relationship in a new light.

Trailer of season one

If you haven’t watched season one yet then you can watch it on Netflix. Watch the trailer below to catch a glimpse of the show.

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