P.O. requests a postponement of military service to the end of this year

Block B's P.O.

According to several music industry insiders, it was revealed that on October 5 KST, Block B member P.O. had requested the Military Manpower Administration to postpone his enlistment until December of this year. His plan to participate in various broadcasting activities until the end of this year will depend upon the approval of his application.

A representative of P.O.’s side stated, “P.O. did receive his notice of enlistment as an active-duty soldier, but prepared and submitted the necessary documentation to reschedule his enlistment. My understanding is that his request for a deferral of enlistment was recently accepted.” Officers revealed that his utility was handed and that he plans to proceed with his planning tilll the top of this 12 months.

Currently he is active on tvN’s variety show ‘The Great Escape’, ‘Amazing Saturday- Doremi Market‘, and many more.

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