My Experience with Permission to Dance on Stage

Permission to Dance on Stage

Here’s a summary of my BTS concert experience…

My bestie and I managed to get tickets to D-3 and D-4 which was so difficult! A few weeks before the concerts, she joined an army fb group and invited me in. We then got traumatized reading all the D-1 comments about thousands of army not getting in on time and missing 5-20 minutes of the show. That’s a lot! So when D-3 came, we formulated a game plan.


I had already bought parking at one of the parks and go lots, which allowed entry at 11:30 am. We got there around noon after eating a quick lunch and walked to the stadium since the shuttles didn’t run till 4:30 pm and we didn’t want to pay $9.50 each for the early shuttle. It wasn’t that bad a walk!

We first hit an express merch booth (which had no bed shirts) and my friend bought a mots tee. We walked around to Gate 8 where more free merch booths were. Got the tiny tan mask & band-aids but the cell signal was so bad, my friend couldn’t connect to ig to get them. But she did get the mask on D-4 and I shared the band-aids (got RM 😊).

After that, we wandered around and finally found the main merch booth! The line wasn’t too long, so we stood in it, but of course, everything that was good was sold out. I only got ptd stickers and my friend got stickers and a buds case.

By the time we were done with the merch line, it was 3:30 pm so we decided we’d better line up at our gate. I got scared seeing the long ass line for Gate 7, but when we got to Gate 6 it wasn’t nearly as bad. We got behind a girl who was by herself and chatted with her for the next 2 hours. The real bummer was that we were standing on white sand so we couldn’t sit down. Our line friend had long black pants that were dusted white almost immediately. It was really tough to stand for 2 hours straight but we survived. We got $9 hotdogs to eat from a vendor trolling the lines. We took bathroom break turns. We heard parts of the 5 pm soundcheck and then finally the line started moving! I can’t even tell you how happy I was to finally get moving. The soft staff was very organized (they really learned from D-1) and the line flowed efficiently. We got in before 6 pm, hit the bathroom, found our seats, decorated our army bombs with the stickers, sang along to the M/V’s that were playing, hit the bathroom again then waited eagerly for the concert to start.

I have so many photos and videos, but it’s not really any different from stuff other people have already posted. And they have better ones cause they were on the floor seats lol. We had a pretty good view but it was not on the floor! Our section was pretty fun. Girls behind us knew all the fan chants, so we let them lead us cause we are a baby army. One girl in front of us kept waving her bomb too high and interrupting our view, but other than that, I had a great time! It kinda followed the online concert setlist. My favorite section was after the last VCR. All such fun dancing songs!

D-3 setlist

After the concert, we tried to stand in line to take pics with the huge PTD sign, but we were freezing cold and low on blood sugar since the last thing we had eaten was hotdogs at 4 pm. We decided to try to get our pic on D-4 and went to find our shuttle line. It was slightly chaotic trying to find the right line, but it was short and we got back to the garage pretty fast. We still ended up getting back to my house at midnight so it was a full 12 hour day! So tiring but so worth it!


For this day, I had gotten parking at the Forum. We thought this was a good idea since it’s so close to the stadium but it said it wouldn’t open until 3 pm. I searched the FB group if people were able to get into forum parking prior to 3 pm and got mixed answers. Some said it depended on who was manning the gate. Sigh. We ended up getting there around 2:30 pm. I first dropped off my bestie near sofi so she could stand in line for the PTD sign. While she was in line, I got her the tiny tan mask (they had run out of band-aids by then) and got the laniege free samples. The PTD sign line was so long, we estimated it would take at least 3 hours so we decided to just try after the concert again and go stand in the gate line. My friend went to check out the album line so I went ahead to Gate 1. It was definitely longer than Gate 6 the previous day but I got in line by 4 pm. My friend joined shortly and this line was significantly better because we weren’t on the sand and could sit down! The time also seemed to go by a lot faster and they opened the gate around 5:20 pm. It flowed pretty fast (thanks Sofi staff!) and we got in before 6 pm again.

We hit the bathroom first then went around to find food. We decided not to make the same mistake as D-3 so we wanted to have a proper meal at the actual dinner hour. I had my heart set on pizza but we could not find any concessions with pizza! What’s up with that! We didn’t walk to walk around the whole stadium (this bitch is HUGE), so we settled on chicken strips with tater tots. We sat in our seats and ate. The food was piping hot which was nice. I couldn’t finish all the tots but the chicken strips were nicely fried and very large. We didn’t have to decorate our bombs so we just enjoyed the M/V’s and relaxed. Our seats were in the 500 level so the Samsung center screens kind of blocked the top corner of the main screen, but it wasn’t too bad. We hit the bathroom again and then we were ready to party! This section wasn’t as lively as D-3’s section, but I took fewer photos and videos and just enjoyed dancing.

D-4 setlist

What was so cool about going on D-4 was that it was the day before Jin’s b-day so the floor army had a special sign project that they did for him. He seemed genuinely touched by it and was so nice to see! We also sang happy birthday for him before the consignment. Also, Chris Martin showed up for the final surprise song! I definitely thought the concert was over after they sang PTD, but then he popped up out of nowhere and the music started going for My Universe! What a treat! I love Coldplay (got tix to their April Sofi concert), so this was awesome for me!

I’ve also always wanted to see Mikrokosmos live cause it looked so fun in YT videos, so that was an extra treat for me. I honestly was a little bummed I didn’t get to hear WAB: The Eternal but I’m not gonna get hung up on it. I know I’m so lucky to see two of their shows and I appreciate every song I got to see!

One huge bummer was that we rushed out of the stadium to get our photo with the PTD sign and IT WAS ALREADY TAKEN DOWN! GEEZ SOFI! Couldn’t you have left it up until the end of the night?! I feel like they did it cause they didn’t want hordes of army hanging around trying to get photos. There was nothing for us to do except go home. The traffic getting out of the Forum lot wasn’t too bad, but I led us on a too-long detour to avoid the concert traffic so we ended up home at 11:30 pm. Slight improvement from D-3!

All in all, it was an experience!!! I can’t even describe it to friends except to say that it was awesome. I’m so glad my bestie flew in to see it with me, cause if I had to take another friend who was a lukewarm fan, the experience would have definitely been different. Who wants to go to a concert 8 hours before it starts if you’re not a big fan? I probably would’ve been walking around the booths by myself. Not nearly as much fun as with my bestie!

I hope we get to go to another concert in the future. We know now what’s up and how to navigate a stadium concert to get all the merch and photos we really want. No one knows if they’ll set a real-world tour or what will happen with their military enlistment, so we just have to enjoy what we experienced and cross our fingers for the future. Hope to see you again, BTS! 사랑해!

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